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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Time and experience is a better teacher than anything.

Oh yes - we have great degrees that hanging on the wall, certificates abound - but there is nothing like the school of Hard Knocks.

I have a friend (Lets call him Jeff) who came to em about 2 months ago with a "Pre-Cancerous" Growth. It was a sort of wart in a rather odd place. I gave him the website of: THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 3.

Well - Jeff was so happy he went to a Naturopath Doctor, who proceeded to give him Iodine Trichloride.

Iodine Trichloride is a very deadly poison and does not allow your body to use the Iodine. The theory here is to displace the Chlorine, Bromine and Fluorine with Iodine. Now how does that happen with 1 Iodine and three (Tri) chlorine. Besides the Material Data Safety Sheet lists this as Poison.

After 3 months his cancer is still there - unchanged.

Jeff is no slouch - his income dwarfs mine and he is extremely intelligent.

So we went right to my home and I read him. He has been smoking a little "Green" stuff (Legal here in Washington) and he had lung cancer. The Warts he was growing were just a reflection of the part of his body that had cancer.

There is a range in the middle of his lungs that are beginning to turn black.

So much for the idea that Dope Cures Cancer.

So I gave him some:

1) Tumeric - it stops the Growth of the Tumors Right Now!
2) Water Purification Tablets - Iodine.
3) Citricare - to knock back his Yeast Infection.
4) Centrum Silver Vitamins.
5) Immusist - to clean out his lungs.
6) ETDA - to clean out the blocked veins and arteries he now has.Yes - Tumeric does this too, just not as fast.

Two days later he called me. He has been rubbing the warts with Immusist and they are going away.

Within 6 months his cancer will be totally gone.

Total Cost to remove cancer in 6 months:
1) Tumeric: 1 Bottle per month: $45.
2) Water Purification Tablets, 2 bottles: $20.
3) Citricare, 1 Bottle: $36.
4) Centrum Silver, 1 Bottle: $14
4) Immusist: 2 Bottles: $180.
6) EDTA, 1 Bottle: $20.

Total Cost over 6 months: About $335, or about $55 per month.

His whole attitude is so completely different about life now.

He did not have cancer - he had a Nutrient Deficiency.

My job is to Save Lives - that includes you Mr President and Eric Holder.

What you do with YOUR life is between YOU and GOD.
Please Pray that you come to terms with YOUR diseases and take these "Cures" seriously.

You Heard It First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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