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Sunday, January 12, 2014


This message is intended for the Tall Whites, Nordics - you are also on the hook.

The fate of the Tall Grays, Short Grays, and other species who have messed with GOD's Creation has already been determined.

As for your races (Tall Whites and Nordics) you been visiting this planet for a very long time messing with it's people.

You have watched as civilization after civilization has flourished and been destroyed ignoring the suffering of GOD's Creation.

You have set up several bases on this planet, the newest appears to be near Indian Springs Nevada so as to deal with US Corporate Forces like the CIA and DOD.

You have given this US Military technology that has allowed them to completely enslave this race of people.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has just stated today that you have gone too far and HE will now take action.

Please watch my news programs and read what I have written over the last 7 years to determine exactly who I represent. The CIA should have all letters I have written, all TV shows I have recorded, all radio programs I have been on and all articles I have written.

Tomorrow - another Radio Show and TV Show.

As you will note - my GOD has the ability to change the physical nature of even the sun in a few short minutes without the use of Fiber Optics or Radionic's Machines.

My GOD has the ability to change weather patterns without chemicals or Lasers.

My GOD is Never wrong (Although I am allot) - and now HIS attention is focused on your races - specifically the Tall Whites and their Children's Children.

You have interfered with a race of beings put here by GOD and given a demon Possessed Race tied to Agartha and Lucifer technology so advanced they stand on the precipice of wiping out HIS race.

Now that Aerial Sharone has had his plug pulled this Agarthan Lucfarian Race is about to bring on their "Great Adjuster."

You gave them the technology to do this - to have WW3 and bring about this Lucifarian Christ form Shambala, Capitol of Agartha.

YOU did it and YOU angered the Living GOD and HE will hold you directly responsible.

HE is angry at you and will now deal with your Children's Children to the 4th and 5th Generations. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

What do you have in your arsenal to counter a 6th Dimensional and Above being?


Your giving the military technology to modify the foods, the weather and even the DNA of HIS Species of beings has angered HIM and HE will now take action, so HE has said it so it shall be.

GOD is not the Anu-Naki or any other 3rd or 4th Dimensional Creature.

Go ahead - take field trips to Las Vegas and gamble and give away the latest and greatest technology concerning traveling in higher harmonics across Milky Way.

May I suggest you take your entire race back 100 years or so - oh wait - GOD can time travel. YOU cannot hide form GOD.

You are under orders by the Agarthans not to reveal yourselves - fine - then do not contact me and let GOD deal with YOU directly - if you think you are men enough to counter the Living GOD, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - who made the 5th, 4th and 3rd Dimensions - then deal with HIM.

Fire a laser beam at GOD - show HIM who is boss - go ahead - fire away. Throw a couple of 3rd Dim, 8th harmonics Anti-Matter bombs at GOD, show HIM who is boss - yeah, right. HE will squash you like a bug.

Does GOD make HIMSELF perfectly clear?

GOD gave us certain gifts HE does not wish to be eliminated off this Galaxy - imagination, a connection with animals, the ability to forgive - all things that YOUR technology are about to eliminate from the 3rd Dimension, 11st Harmonics - a sort of tie between the 2nd and 4th Dimensions your race has long since lost.

The loss of one of GOD's children angers HIM Immensely - and you obviously fear GOD.

Oh - HE is angry at your interference.

You have gone too far.

Do you think maybe you should fix what you broke through your intervention before GOD deals with your children directly?

May I suggest you determine what you broke first?

GOD will now deal with YOU, your children and your Children's Children to the 5th generation.

So HE has said it - so it will be.

You know how to contact me.
Dr William B. Mount

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