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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Perhaps something that has slipped our minds lately with the Rothchilds (Bauers) trying to kill us is the new Nuclear Arms treaty now know as the START treaty.

Following is the new treaty. Please note that it does not include the following Nukes: Nukes in the following categories: Artillery Shells, Hand Held, Davy Crockets, Cruise Missiles, Bunker Buster Bombs, Nukes of Submarines, Nukes that float over our heads, etc.

The treaty does not include aircraft like the: Drones, X-33 Auroras, X-22s, X-11 Tear Drops, TAW-50s, and all sorts of other aircraft currently in the US Corporate Inventory capable for launching Nukes.

Since the file will not transfer you will have to retrieve this from the net:
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Aeriel Sharon, who dies 8 years ago, finally had his plugs pulled this morning. He lay in a coma, abandoned by his master Lucifer, for 8 years with no brain activity.

2) I am currently investigating the status of the Lakota Tribe. Some of their folks tried to declare themselves independent but the nation as a whole refused the move - we think.

3) Please see the Omega Files. More on this later - this is the plan of the Illuminati.
Maybe on Sunday we will teach he world how to make Compressed Titanium Rod weapons.

Dr William Mount

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