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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Extremely Important Diplomatic Message To The Chinese Leaders

Chinese  Leadership,since you have refused to communicate with me then I am forced to use other means to communicate with you. Apparently you are too high and mighty to send your Consulate 30 miles south to discuss issues effecting your Great Nation.

For several hundred years your nation suffered the complete and total humiliation through war after war and finally complete conquest by most of the Western Powers working for the English, who work for the Germans, who work for the Roman Banking Families.

Shortly after the 1900 your nation was allowed to vote for a leader and although he was an English Appointee he served your people well .... until the US/UK built the Imperial Japanese Military up to the point where Manchuria was taken by the Japanese.

In 1937 Japan declared war on your nation and pushed hard. Your individual soldiers fought well but your generals were very, very bad. Only through UK/US manipulation was your nation saved form becoming part of Imperial Japan. It would not serve your MASTERS well if the war ended too soon.

In late 1945 the Japanese surrendered and slowly left China, leaving 100,000 US/UK troops in China. As the war ended the US/UK bankers supported Mao with weapons and money to over run the Duely Elected Leader of China and Taiwan was formed. This allowed the Rothchilds to sell huge amounts of weapons to China and Taiwan long after the war ended.

After the war ended the US/UK economies used Japan, Taiwan, Mexico to send off US Federal Reserve Notes and US Treasury Notes in exchange for goods they left each and every nation in both ecological and economic ruin, destroying their nations.

Now the US/UK forces are doing this to China, moving their factories to Vietnam and India and into other smaller nations leaving the Chinese Economy in ruins.

Recently your "Red Dragon Family" (Banking Reps) claimed they had access to unlimited funds through the Marco Polo and St Germain Funds and they would fund Humanitarian Projects. We "Called Them Out" and  found them to be lying in the name of China, and they have since then shut up.

Recently your Chinese Representatives pulled out of the IMF. You were asked by GOD to do certain things while you were there and you did not do them Running away like cowards in no way eliminates your responsibility to do as GOD has asked, nor suffer the consequences for your rebellion to GOD.

Recently we warned you of a Message from GOD: Do as you have been asked or you will loose Trillions. You refused to listen - you have lost $Trillions as your markets have crashed. They will continue to crash until you do as GOD has asked.

We warned you before the Tanjin Ammo Ship exploded in the harbor and you thought GOD was a Myth so you ignored the warning.

We warned you before the US sent in Terrorist to take over the Oil flowing in from Central Asia and force you to pay for it in Dollars - you did not listen.

Shall we go on?

Now I tell you that the Living GOD states as surely as 400,000,0000 Chinese have cancer we will be sending in certain products listed in THE CURE FOR CANCER video and if any one interferes with the distribution of these products they will dealt with by the Living GOD.

President Xi Jinping of China - these products will make your nation strong again. If you honor these producers and perhaps move some of the production facilities to China into an area free of pollution you will gain much in riches and have a strong people again. Hurt the distribution and you will be dealt with by the Living GOD in a harsh manner.

These riches you gain will be far greater than gold - as I have seen Iron Grown at USC Berkeley in 1977 in a basic metalergy class meant for Freshman Students so to I have met those who are now Growing Gold. This is not real wealth - a healthy nation is real wealth.

President Xi Jinping - grow some stones below your belt and tell your handlers to do as YOU say, make China healthy again and GOD will bless you beyond what you could imagine.

Head of all of China, Li Keqiang, stand up for the people of China and allow these products into your great nation and show your handlers this is good for all of China and thus for them as well. If you do this GOD will stand for you and your handlers will melt like butter in the oven as they stand before you, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

China - you stand on the thresh hold of Great Wealth and a Great Nation or you can shrivel up like Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and other nations the US/UK Frankfurt and Roman leaders have destroyed.

GOD will teach you how to keep the Lucifarians (Satanists) away form China if you listen.

GOD awaits your decision but I urge you to act quickly as the US/UK have currently deployed over 80,000 nuclear Weapons. Only GOD can stop this madness now.

Chinese Leaders - what say you: GOD and wealth or bow to Lucifer and destroy your nation?
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Ambassador Mount



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  2. William, sir, what kind of Christian are you, seriously - what background & persuasion? Who are these ascended spirits and what not you refer to?

    And what are these orders that God has given Putin and the leader of China you keep referring to? why wont you share it with the readers?
    I am a born again Christian father of 5.