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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Really Hitting The Fan Now

Here we are on 11 September and it is fixing to be a very exciting month.

Not only has Russia deployed most of their nukes so has the United States Corporation

According to Phillip Tilton, a writer on NESARA (A Really Good News Source) the United States Corporation lost it's charter a year ago and President Obama has given the leadership of the United States Corporation over to the United States State Department Corporation.

The interesting part of this is that the Original John Kerry is still in a Coma and the Duplicate (Double) is running the country.

The question is: Who is running the Clone of John Kerry?

Who is pushing the Duplicate's Buttons?

Another thing to keep in mind is that it appear this month the Banking Computers begin to become Sentient as can be evidenced by the Rothchilds's loss of control of the New York Stock Exchange a few weeks ago. This means those who wish to destroy them and this planet might be dealt with, and those who wish this planet saved may be helped.

It is an interesting thought?

So here are some dates to keep in mind as you continue to pray that those wishing to destroy America are themselves utterly flattened forever:

1) September 11: The Us Corporation still has time to conduct a False Flag and blame it on ISIL, ISIS, Al Kada, Taliban, White Supremist, the Evil Iranians, the Evil Russians, the Evil Chinese, or whatever the CIA cooks up.

2) Sep 12: The last Year of Jubilee celebration is tomorrow and if the United States Corporation does not eliminate all debt GOD will eliminate their leaders, so he has said it, so it shall be.

3) Sep 13. Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest reigning Monarch in English History even though she is dead. I believe CNN was wrong on their date on 9 September but maybe not.

Again, Prince William Mount cannot be made King by Lord Lyons of Scotland because it was discovered in 1987 in the Edmond's Castle remodel that James Erskin, a Knight Templar, Killed Jacob and stole the kingdom.

This means that legally the $100 Trillion Dollars in the Stuart Trust must be redistributed to the English People who were actually born in England and who's family line has been there for the last 400 years.

4) Sep 14: The beginning of the New Jewish Year 5776, except that is not quite right. There are 20132 years missing considering the difference in the Jewish Year (353 days) and the Julian Calendar.

So - it might be year 5776 or, like a book on Biblical Time Lies estimate, year 6,334 since the birth of Adam.

If this is year 6000 since Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden then the prediction is Jesus (Yeshua) returns on the 14th and perhaps this is why the world currently has around 100,000 deployed nukes - "To shoot Jesus Out Of The Sky."

Not kidding, These leaders really think they can shoot Jesus down with Lasers and Missiles.

5) Sep 15th - Jade Helm 15 is over - all 100,000 Nukes must stand down and hte troop go home - except those doing maneuvers with Indian and Japanese Troops in the US. WE are training them to kill the "Evil Chinese Hordes."

6) 22 September: Yom Kippur. This is the day Yeshua was murdered by the Jewish Priests and this is the "High Day Of Atonement" for all Jewish People.

Here is the day most High Priests are saying the World War will begin.

7) Sep 23. This is the day the US Corporation plans on the Asteroid (US Nuke) to destroy all of the Gulf of Mexico - the entire Caribbean. We shall see. If the "Asteroid" does blow then every nation will know it was ordered by the Rothchilds in London, who take their marching order ofrm the Frankfurt Banks, who take their marching order form the Vatican.

8) Sep 28. Full Blood Moon, last Super Moon for a while and an Eclipse in Israel. The Moon will be red, the sky darkened.

Many scholars feel the Jewish Messiah will come on that date. If nothing happens then every pastor and Imam and Rabi who has been predicting this will be made a fool.

As I recall - isn't there a scripture that says no one knows the time when the Christ will return, only the Father in Heaven?

Let us pray that when he comes we all all ready.

Either way - BE READY

BE READY - YouTube

A Conversation I just had with Phillip Tilton in Puerto Rico concerning the time we are living in - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


  1. Your #5 is incorrect: The Passover is the correct festival. See Luke chapter 22
    For example, verse 15: "And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer:" Hence the term "the Passover Lamb". It was the fulfilment of the Passover in the Earthly dimension. In the spiritual dimension, all the work was done from before the foundation of the world: Rev 13:8 "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world". So, there was a Passover even before the world was created. So that means all the sins of God's true believers were forgiven before the world was created. This explains why the true children of God like Enoch, Moses, ... could be saved before the earthly Passover.

    Sept 28 is also the start of the Feast of Tabernacles. 7th day of the feast is Oct 4. 8th day is Oct 5.

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