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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where Have All The Holistic Doctors Gone?

Where have all the Holistic doctors gone?

Last week I received a call form someone who was going to a Holistic Doctor in Florida and he ended up dead so she began to research it. She said that there were over 18 dead Holistic Doctors in Florida alone in the last few months that were murdered.

Multiplying this by 50 we can see that there are a whole lot of Holistic Doctors dying all over the country.

These doctors are dying of Mysterious Circumstances, such as being run over by a Semi Truck, having a mysterious heart Attack when they had NO Heart Disease, etc.

They are not just being murdered here in america. The long arm of the FBI/CIA Murdering Jesuit Scum runs across the globe.

Just a few days ago 30 people at a Holistic Seminar in Germany were poisoned by a US Army LSD-Type Drug called "2CE." This drug acts like a combination of LSD and Speed, which is exactly what the CIA Handed out at Evans Hall at University of California  Berkeley back in the early 1970's with the permission of the head of Regents for all California Colleges.

(((2CE, Ecstasy, and a whole host of Pshychodelic Drugs were developed at UC Berkeley and San Francisco by Dr Alexander Shulgin and Timothy Leary and passed out at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara in the late 60's and early 70's and placed in certain water supplies around Berkeley at the time. The Police, FBI, CIA never even tried to arrest two people. I lived there and watched the results. )))

So this poisoning sounds pretty suspicious to, does it not - CIA ish?

This poisoning was actually not only a Jesuit warning to Holistic Doctors in Europe but to the Cowards who run the Germany Government that they can kill whoever they want whenever they want and no one is Man enough to stop them: Not Merkel, not "Wimpy Gimpy Putin" (What the Head of the Jesuits call Putin) not the head of China. They are all cowards.

So now we know who killed them and we can pretty much figure out why - they cut into the Vatican's Profits in Big Pharma - but what can you do about it?

We could kill every Jesuit on the planet and take our countries back - but the powers that be are all cowards and would never allow it. Even the FBI and CIA are little coward punks who would never do what is right in the eyes of GOD.

Do not expect any kind of investigation on these holistic doctors being killed and do expect these murders to skyrocket.

That is what Jesuits do - they murder.

That is what the FBI and CIA do - they mass on old men and children with SWAT teams and usually hide in their cubicles at work behind locked doors and bullet proof glass you the tax payer paid for like little children.

They kill Veterans at the VA Hospital, they order strange repairs on roads to kill people, many practice Human Sacrifices at Satanic Rituals, and now they are killing Holistic Doctors to kill more people by forcing them to go to "Regular Doctors."

Please keep in mind that the average doctor dies at 56 years old.

Yup - Doctor's die very young after prescribing drugs that kill the people.

So we pray - we visualize - that all Jesuit Scum are completely and totally and  permanently immobilized for life.

We challenge these Demon Possessed Murdering FBI Agents, CIA Agents, NOAH Hit Men, and Jesuit Scum (Etc) and bind them in the name of the Living GOD through HIS Number One Son Yeshua that they stop all murders and theft. When GOD is ready to kill them HE will but we need to pray.

If you want to get these Jesuit Murdering Scum angry  then post my videos on Face Book - like THE CURE FOR CANCER, BE READY, etc.

Like Hanz Kovlenback (Chief Murdering General of the Jesuit Scum) said in an interview 4/15/2000: "If any man challenges the Jesuits in the name of Jesus (Yeshua) our order will collapse and any man who touches this man will be killed on my orders."

I am that man who challenges them in the name of Yeshua, Number One Son Of The Living GOD.

Once dead a Jesuit Scum will spend an eternity in Hell, end of story according to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
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  2. O.K. everyone, it is Monday September 14th, 2015. Mr. Mount stated that all hell would break loose today. He is now 0-2. No one is shooting lasers or missiles in the sky. Also, their is no evidence that Mr. mount ever worked for the government. None! Another alarmist like Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, and others......

  3. Challenge is pronounced. It is a legitimate one and Righteous.

    The Messenger is spared as those who heed his message heed it. If you cannot perceive this reality, the remaining doors of your perception slam shut in your face. Yet Grace is... But not for long in your case