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Monday, September 28, 2015

Very Important UN Broadcasts Sep 27th 2015

Those who speak at the UN conferences are usually at the Top Of The Food Chain and they represent those people who actually run this planet.

If you listen to these broadcasts and fully comprehend exactly what they are saying then these broadcasts will explain exactly what is coming, where the planned disasters will hit, who is conducting these Planned disasters and how YOU can be prepared for these upcoming catastrophes.

Just assume you are a Fallen Angel living in a Human Body - going from Human to Human as these UN Leaders state they are. They were kicked out of a Heaven (Higher Harmonic) where thought created objects and are now forced to live here on a Material Plane.

This month is the Celebration for the Libra Full Moon, where the Earth crosses over the part of the Galaxy where the change begins - you are going through a crossroads of energy you walk between the line of Materialism and Spiritualism/

For millions of years they lived in a Spirit World and now must experience the Material World and they feel at some time in the furture, when they have inhabited so many bodies - they will cast off their need for material goods and move back into the spiritual world.

They feel that every step they make is oriented toward this goal. Thus they

1) Create Pain DO Others Can Learn Love
2) Create War so others can learn about peace
3) Kill to learn about life
4) Prevent diseases from being cured to learn about suffering and thus learn love

Every thing they do is backwards to what the Living GOD has said to do.

The broadcast began discussing the theory that the Earth is a Living Organism and that it reacts to create  and preserve life here on Earth. The plant is self regulating and will change according to the outside influences. Since life began on this planet incoming solar radiation has increased by 30% and the planet has reacted to allow life to thrive. It is in a Balance - walking between two lines.

Today hte planet is out of balance and we all  need to bring it back into balance by decreasing our standard of living and inviting millions of refuges to share what we have.

The economy is is also sort of a Living Organism. It works best with little government interference. The more government interference the worse the economy becomes.

When a person designs and produces a specialty product that every one wants the price he can charge is very high. As others get into the market and sell the product the cost of the product comes down until the point where the inefficient producers are driven out of business.

The only purpose for the Government is to prevent monopolies.If they grow too big everything comes falling down and we end up with a dictatorship and democracy ceases - much like what we see today around the world. We have stepped across the balance and it must all come down now and be rebuitl.

The East has experienced a great wayof living since needs are simple and the desire for material goods is very small.

The Western "Christian" "White" Economy has simply put short term profits at the forefront of every thing and has thus destroyed the environment and unless it reforms quickly we shall see environmental damage to the point where the planet's ecosystem will begin to collapse.

It is always the poor who suffer the most - the very people who make the goods the rich demand.

The Pope discussed this at the UN Meeting - (And The Pope Also Refuses To Take In Any Refugees into the Vatican)

As we enter the constellation of Libra it is the Energy that is at the center of the wheel which all other energies run around - it is the changing point. So in Virgo we were warned about coming events it is in Libra these events begin to happen and then in Scorpio when the Really Heavy changes occur.

So there must now be enacted a penalty for destroying the lower Animal and Plant kingdoms upon the western economies for their lack of Spirituality and caring for these lower kingdoms.

A Montra of the UN: Let Pain Bring Light And Love

So as your taxes sky rocket, your money is diverted to build massive underground bases, as your infra structure crumbles, your costs rise out of sight and your pay stays the same, as your nation feeds millions upon millions of refugees who have 6-8 children all living on Welfare  (All Muslims) realize that this Pain brings Light and Love.

This current  refugee crisis was well planned and has been in the works now for 70 years - is is designed to take down boarders, destroy economies, and kill millions to bring us to the spiritual point of change where we give up what we have earned and learn love through sharing of our resources.

(((Personally - I love immigrants - Let us pray that the welfare systems are terminated and we can find all of those who need to work jobs they are comfortable with. Only with a good job can they feel self worth and be happy. GOD can provide. There is enough room if our leaders wold only change our economies)))

We stand at the crossroads.
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Dr William B. Mount

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  1. It is at the crossroads that wisdom teaches to seek the Ancient paths.