Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September's Schedule of Destruction

Are you ready to watch the world unwind and World War 3 Begin?

Please pray - Visualize - that those who are trying to destroy planet Earth have every thing they do backfire and fail before they can do any of it.

September's Schedule:

1st: Russia sends in troops to the Ukraine to kill the US funded ISIS so as Muslims (Mohamidians) die across Syria it is the fault of the US Corporation. Today Russia is send  in: 2 Air Squadrons, 1 Bomber Squadron, 2 Assault Squadrons, 1 Assault Squadron and at least 1,000 "Advisers.

1st: China shuts down most of it's factories to have a military parade. Millions are to be bused in and are paid their normal salaries to watch these parades. This gets everyone "Pshyched -Up" about war and clears the air so the parades are clear for international TV. It also allows the repair of the infrastructure that was blown up ant Tanjin Harbor.

Unlike the US Fruity Totie President told our troops to "Protect the Gays and Hold The Ground" President Putin has given the orders to his troops to kill ISIS and destroy all opposition to President Assad of Syria.

5th: Pete Santilly marches on McCain's Congressional Office. Contact this Radio Show Host for more details.

7th: Internal UN Triangle Meeting who's purpose is to link our minds together and form Triangles of Energy over the Earth tho bring in the Asherons (Lucifer's Sons ) to Earth to fulfill Lucifer's Goals: "To create great destruction here on Earth  to allow us to grow spiritually."

11/12th - Last Year of Jubilee. The Shimte.

12th: US Attempt at a military coup in Moscow Russia

14th: All Heck breaks loose as the New World Order thinks "Jesus" (Yeshua) is retruning and they intend to shoot HIM  down with missiles and lasers.

They broke their Hadron Colider in Cern so they can't use that andy more.

14th: Internal UN Triangle Meeting

17th: US will move it's rebuilt submarine housing Oppenheimer's First World Destruction Machine to 100 miles south and East of Houston for set up on the 20th.

17th: Another attempt on Obama's Life. Shooter, close up at a speach.

21st: Internal UN Triangle Meeting

21-23rd: US Torches off the Rebuilt Nuke killing almost all the people who live withing 400 miles inland from the Caribbean, thus torching off  off the Wyoming Caldera (Nuke under this run by AMEC Corporation) and a dozen volcanoes world wide.

The current weapon is being rebuilt just south of Dc in a submarine pen and will be towed at about 6 miles an hour to it's destination by the shortest rout with a crew of 3 men. If the chain were cut of the hull had holes drilled in it the machinery will break.

a huge boulder dropped on this Doomsday Nuke and crushing it would also do it - as would 1,000 close Radionic's Machines placed on the North Shore of Cuba that could be used to dissolve it's hull.

Personally - I would just use one of North Korea's 39 mini subs and torpedo it both the weapon and the tower with a conventional small torpedo - just enough to knock a big hole is their hulls. then immediately recover the weapon and tow it to a Cuban port.

23rd: Pope addresses the United Nations as the tidal wave moves in. He will call for all Catholics to reciecve the chip so only thgey can be fed.

23rd-25th: UN meeting with all of the world's national leadership to address the 17 US Goals and how to implement them - including the destruction of the US Economy through huge taxation, purposeful shutting down of manufacturers and ecological destruction.

It is called Agenda 21.

27th: Two UN Meetings, one in New York and one in London discussing the "Esoteric" reason for our destruction

28th: Internal Triangle Meeting

In October the IMF Director Chris Legarde (She Is a He, He has an Adam's Apple like Mike Obama and Ann Coulter of Fox News) will announce the Financial Reset as the BRICS ignore him.

Then the United Nations intends to fully implement THE PLAN in America - complete anarchy and death to all Americans.

Putin Authorizes Air Strikes On “American Interests” As Thousands Of Russian Troops Pour Into Syria

Veterans Will March & Surround John McCain's Office On September 5th - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready:

BE READY - YouTube

Asteroid Kill Zone:

Asteroid Kill Zone, 23 Sep 2015 - YouTube


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  2. So far, Mr. Mount is 0 for 1. Santilly did not storm McCain's office on the 5th. I think Mr. Mount needs to seek help from a professional and also needs spell check because of so many grammatical typing errors on his blog. We have to call out these people when they predict something on a certain date and it does not come true.