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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Santilly Calls Out McCain

Pete Santilly, one of America's largest Internet Talk Show Host - and a honest and forthright guy - has called on Senator John McCain to act to take Veteran's Off The Streets or he will march on his Phoenix office.

Years ago when I discovered the Veteran's Pension burred in the Constitution I approached several Service Organizations to implement this and get veterans off the streets.

The actual law reads that if a veteran is in service at least 1 day during a time of war he qualifies for around $1,014 a month for the rest of his life.

The actual Veteran's Pension was designed after the Hero of Princeton who, with 18 men, held off the entire British Army while Washington reorganized and then won the Battle of Princeton and thus the war.

Years later the US President went to visit the Hero of Princeton and found his net worth was only $65 - the battle had sort of changed him - he had permanent PTSD so the Veteran's Pension was included in the constitution.

The money for this Pension remained buried and when I pulled it out there was a huge pot of money that was never touched.

Unfortunately while the US President is spending Billions to promote Gays and Welfare and aid to Foreign Nations his staff has placed so many stipulations on the act no one qualifies any more - the President's Staff has violated the Constitution again. Any surprise?

All htis time Senator John McCain has had a Senate Seat and never opposed the President on any type of ruling to hurt the Veteran.

Talk Show Host wants an accounting of Senator John McCain on why he has not DEMANDED the Constitution be followed when it comes to our veterans and why he has allowed President Obama to stomp on our Veterans.

Following are Pete Santilly's Web Sites, including Streaming Video of the March On Senator McCain.

Just in case you missed it - Fascist Pigs hate Veterans.

The democratic Party is actually registered as the Democratic Socialist Party - the same party as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mousolini in World War Two and it was the Democratic Parties of the Southern States during the American Civil War that promoted slavery.

If you live in the Phoenix Area - and you care about Vets - Join Pete Santilly in his march.

Please pray (Visualize) that Pete Santilly  is successful in his demands to have Senator McCain re-initiate the Constitutional Provision of the Veteran's Pension.

Go Pete - We are with you.
Operation Detain McCain | The Pete Santilli Show

Pete Santilli Live Stream - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

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