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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What In The World Is The US Doing Killing Civilians In Central Asia?

What in the world is the US doing killing people in Central Asia?

Why are US troops stationed half way around the world in Central Asia  giving weapons, dollars and ammunition to terrorist in this remote region of the world?

What possible motives could the Obama Regime have in killing these peaceful people?

Let us start from the beginning.

(((First - please pray for the repentance of America.)))

The US Corporation is tasked with the awesome responsibility of destroying Governments that do not meet their population goals as set by the Rothchilds in London in accordance with the Bretton Woods Agreement. As such all currencies are owned by the English Bankers and this allows the US Dollars to be used world wide to kill, main and otherwise destroy both foreign governments and foreign economies.

This Bretton Woods agreement was initially signed by 50 nations, including China and Russia, on  14 July 1944 and ended 13 July 2013 - a 70 year corporate agreement later accepted by every nation that signed onto the United Nations Charter.

(((By the way - the United Nations officially began in San Francisco in 1944 with a grant from the Rockefellars so how can the Obama Regime be celebrating it's 70th anniversary of the United Nations this month?)))

With the recent attempted destruction of the World Markets by the Obama Regime(Russia's Stock Market is Down) in an attempt to start a Nuclear World War 3 the United States has sent  it's troops across the globe to kill people in almost every nation in accordance with the will of the Rothchilds, the leaders of the United Nations, and the Roman Pope as Lucifer Incarnate as the Pope declared himself in 1869.

Central Asia has been relatively peaceful for a very long time until the United States broke apart the Soviet Union. Even still - it has remained fairly peaceful due to it's rural atmosphere until rather recently. This "Underbelly of Russia" has remained fairly loyal to the Russian Motherland and has been largely supported by Russia even today.

When the US invaded Afghanistan because it wanted the Opium Trade the US Army began setting up bases in the northern Mountains and selling weapons for cash.

So the US moved into these Central Asian Nations and began handing out US Money and local currency for locals to go to Northern Afghanistan and purchase huge quantities of weapons - M16s., US made AK-47s, Stinger Missiles and the US Generals pocket the cash.

So basically - you and I pay for the purchasing of these weapons and when they are sold the Generals poclet the cash - of course they do not want to get out of Afghanistan. They also take a cut of the Opium Markets while the privates come home injured to deal with a VA that hates them.

Now these weapons are showing up in mass quantities in nations such as Tajikistan, Khazikstan, Northern Pakistan and many of these Newly Armed People are being paid by US Corporations supported by the US Department of Defense Corporation like ISIS and ISIL to kill.

We warned the President's and Prime Ministers of these coming terrorist strikes right here and in other media outlets - including on You Tube. Now they are hear and soon to also be in Japan and China, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Take Takjikistan for example. Here in this nation when they broke away from the Former Soviet Union all of their mineral rights belonged to English Companies. Through a series of maneuvers all of the  resources were transferred back into the hands of the Russians. There is a  Huge Oil Pipeline being built from Tajikistan into China is owned by Gazprom, a Huge Russian Oil Company and one of the few companies in the world that can produce these huge pipes.

If the United Sates can destabilize this nation and kill it's president and Prime Minister then they can seize control of the Oil Pipeline and force China into buying this oil with US Dollars - the US Corporation Lives On. To this end generals and politicians of all sorts are being paid huge amounts of US Dollars in exchange for their loyalty in the elimination of all opposition to the US Corporate Goals - to own the Oil Pipe Line and keep their Empire alive.

Thus, in this little nation of about 7 Million People we see their own generals killing their own police. This murdering General in Tajikistan, of course, hopes to soon be the National President - General Abduhalim Nazardoza. If he is arrested by the Tajikistan President the US Jesuits will try and murder the Tajikistan President Emmomalii Rhamon.

So Emmomalii is asking himself: Do I do what is right: Throw the US Embassy out of Tajikistan and kill all Jesuits Scum there and stabilize my nation and help my people out of our poverty and be a National Leader with Courage, or do I bow to my Lucifarian Masters in the US Embassy and screw my people.

Further complicating matters is that the US is spraying small amounts of Uranium Oxide Powder all over Tajikistan and introducing GMO Killer Wheat to reduce birth rates and kill older people.

So far the population has only increased by 1 Million People in 45 years  and until money began flowing into Tajikistan several years ago for the Oil Pipelines the Birth Rate was dropping tremendously.

Do not feel alone - the US is at risk form these White House Nut Cases as well. In 9 days the Oppenheimer Weapon should be complete and the US Naval Forces will begin towing this weapon from just south of DC to it's target 100 miles South and East of Houston and the AMEC Corporation is readying their 850 KT Nuke under Yellow Stone for detonation on, or near, 23 September 2015.

In a recent call to Wyoming Government offices the Wyoming Governor (Matt Mead) is not to keen about watching his state, and himself, be vaporized.

This is international politics at it's finest.

Multiply this by 192 other nations and 49 other states and you can see that the Obama Regime and the US State Department Corporation are very, very busy devising new ways to sterilize land and kill people all over the globe.

We shall see if the BRICS have the guts to counter this madness.

If they do as GOD has asked them to do then we know they grew some stones below the belt. Otherwise GOD will destroy whatever they do and those who are doing it.

Birth rate - crude (per 1;000 people) in Tajikistan

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The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Pete Santilly Radio Talk show Host is still marching on John McCain's Office in Phoenix.

Operation Detain McCain | The Pete Santilli Show

Thank You US Army Cyber Command - only 12 spelling errors between saves - you are getting lazy, or you do not wish to die soon.


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