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Monday, September 14, 2015

An Amazing This Did Not Happen Today

An amazing thing did not happen today, or even yesterday, despite thousands of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Predictions.

Despite the Last Year of Jubilee yesterday and the New Year today the world did not end.

Further - despite the New World Order deploying over 100,000 Nukes, millions of men and thousands of ships they did not shoot Jesus out of the sky.

((About two weeks ago they failed to open up a worm hole through the sun to Syrius B using the Hadron Colider in Switzerland.))

This sounds quite silly but this was the purpose of Jade Helm - to shoot down Jesus - at least according to a few top generals and the leaders of the United Nations.

In addition, Putin sort of shuffled some Generals and there was no Coup and Nuclear Launch over the weekend. Koodoes to Putin.

So now they will have to send millions of Soldier's Home because of lack of supplies and money.

They did, however, send several hundred Elites and several planes of food to the Australian Area 51 next to the Opal Mine in Central Australia today.

This area is called Pine Gap and is the location of many of the Elite Living Spaces. Gather all these Bankstas into one place and POOF - they all go together. It is so far out in the boonies no one will know, or even care.

So their next attempt will be the Purim, then 23 September "Asteroid" then the 28th of September, then .....Bla Bla Bla.

We have over a million people praying world wide to shut these folks down who like killing and murdering and GOD will allow them to do what GOD allows them to do.

So pray - visualize - that those who wish to start this war are immediately and completely immobilized for life.

One very interesting fact did appear during the Internal Triangle's Meeting in New York on this New Moon: The United Nations showed a picture we have never seen before of the North Pole and the Hole in the Earth. I tried to copy it but there was no way.

If you get a chance to listen to the United Nations Broadcasts they are more than interesting - especially when you get to know them. They tell you what they are about to do. You gotta love it.

We fight not against Flesh and Blood but powers and principalities.

We are not at war with Lucifer and his angels - GOD is. We are just caught in the cross fire.

One last fact - GOD will send Jesus (Yeshua) back when HE wants to and Lucifer and his Angels will not even see it coming. They are so backwards they are still trying to figure out where Cosmic Rays come from.
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Dr William B. Mount


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  2. Mr. Mount, you are one of those doomsayers who are predicting all of this nonsense. There is no evidence that you ever worked for the government. You are a charlatan. You also need a spell checker. your grammar on this blog is horrific.