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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where Is Your Asteroid Homeland Security?

Several months ago you leaked the information that the planet would get hit by an asteroid on 23 September just 100 miles South and East of Houston so we reported on your leak.

We prayed that it would fail and we are still praying that those who were planning this were immediately and completely immobilized for life.

A former Human Sacrificing Satanic Priest who turned to GOD through HIS SON taught me how to pray.

You even had a video showing the asteroid Kill Zone on it, then pulled it and stated you were going after the one who leaked the information?

Pretty slick False Flag - just like Columbine, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Furgeson Missouri, Klakamath Mall Shooting, and 100 more you at Homeland Security have created.

Then you rebuilt the Oppenheimer Earth Cracking Bomb and began towing it towards Houston from Norfolk Virginia.

So what happened?

Did a call from Russia explaining that they had the Self Destruct Codes for many of your underground bases scare you - considering what they did to Mineral and Trinidad 23 August 2011?

Did some of the 35 President's you planned to kill today call the Russians and Chinese leadership for help?

Was Pope Francis delayed form giving his speech at the United Nations (From one metro Train that lost power) because the blast did not occur and the speech had to be re-written?

So - what did you do with Oppenheimer's Earth Killing Nuke and the submarine towing it's Target Zone?

Now that the Russians and Chinese know it's location did they threaten it with an EMP from a satellite and then steal the weapon - you have 134 you know.

And - who in their right mind - US Leaders - would build 134 nukes each one capable of destroying planet Earth?

Your back up plan of harming president Xi Jinping has failed to materialize this morning because he was warned?

Riddle me these US Homeland Security - US "SS?"

GOD will now raise up an army through  "Repentance and Prayer" to deal with your twisted Satanic forces, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Satan on Earth - Lucifer in Heaven and a Dirt Bag soon to be in he..ll.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russian Report States Total Defeat Of US Military Would Take 3 Weeks

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  1. mr. mount is completely nuts and another total fraud! just like all the other false prophets including efrain rodriguez.