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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Message To The Leaders Of China

This is a diplomatic Message for the Handlers for the leaders of the Great Nation of China.

In the early 1930's your Manchuria province was conquered by Japan and you remained at with Imperial Japan until late 1945. The performance of your individual troops was exemplary but without hte intervention of hte British and America Forces your nation would be part of Japan.

At the end of the war over 100,000 US Troops were stationed in China.

Over the next decade the Rothchild's Sponsored Mao took control of China, killing millions of Chinese in an internal war. The Rothchilds made millions and your currency was given to the Rothchilds when your great nation signed onto the United Nations and accepted a Central Banking System.

In recent years your nation was used by the Rothchilds to supply the United States and England with goods in exchange for US Treasury Notes and US Federal Reserve Dollars. Both the Corporation of the US Treasury and US Federal Reserve System are owned by the Rothchild's Banking System. You have prostrated your nation to your MASTERS in London, Frankfurt and finally Rome.

almost all of hte US Tresury Notes you purchased were fake - the main banks selling the same US Treasury Bond Twice, 3 times, and even up to 4 times - they counterfeited and your Bankeres now hold worthless notes.

In recent years your accumulation of these English Notes you have used hte Red Dragon Family to promise the funding of many different projects and he was called out and it was found he was lying. This entier St Germain and marco Polo Wealth was a lie - and it was a mere Banking Stunt

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