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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Putin - Do You Realize What You Have Done?

President Vladimir Putin, do you know what you have done?

Do you have any idea why you have done to the Great Russian People and the economy of the Common Person you serve?

You were asked to do several things by the Living GOD and you have refused to do thesde things.

Since then HE has sent a Curse upon you and your Mighty Russsia that you are seeing played out only today, a curse that can be removed the moment you do as GOD has asked.

Your nation's Ruble has been brought low.

Your very banking system is under attack by You Now English Lords.

The pipelies heading into China, Europe and yes - now the planned one into India, are now under constant attack

Your South Western Region is also under attack.

You now have wars in a dozen nations like Ukraine and Syria and you soldiers come back in Body Bags by the thousands, although most are burned and buried on sight.

Many of your generals are ready to revolt - as we warned you several months ago.

The Fat Oligarch who shot you during a speech was indeed not happy with you, although he is 6 feet under but many more may be raised up.

The Asherons (Ascended Spirits)who you met with at the Valim Monastary lied - the Ascended Spirits will tell you they cannot 'Reverse The Will Of The Creator."

What you and your handlers allow you and Prime Minister Medvedev to do is on no concern to the Living GOD. Only that HE will direct your paths and if you yield YOU will be come very powerful and your nation will arise above other nations.

Putin - GOD has raised a Gay Cowardly Freak like Obama (Under Orders From his London Master) and his twisted handlers to torment the Great Russian People because YOU refuse to yield to the Living GOD.

It has been 8 years since I met with your staff - a time for either doing as GOD has directed of facing GOD's Wrath.

President Vladimir Putin - Chose this day death of life for mighty Russia and for your self. You will be remembered for a thousand years for your decision YOU will make today - Giver of Life or Giver of Death, Follow GOD or reject HIS requests.

For You Intel Geeks:

The next attempt on your life will be from your "Loyal" military in November - a sniper from afar who will Martyr himself for Lucifer and the Rothchilds.

Obama - keep your head down 17 October SS keep him contained 2 days before Thanksgiving and get the most pliable Obama Double out of the White House 22 Dec for 3 days - go ---- vacationing ...

Please tow that outdated Oppenheimer Death Machine out of the Gulf and back to Virginia and dismantle it. Your ground wires are clearly rusted clean through.

We pray that you do as GOD has directed.

Putin - This One's For You - YouTube

A man will do what he feels is best.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Putin: Do you realize what you have done? - Yahoo Finance

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