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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

President Xi Jinping Welcome And Be Careful

President Xi Jinping - welcome and be careful

Since 1727 the English, (And US Corporation) have pushed your nation around like you are slaves.

A few minutes ago I drove the route you will take into Lincoln High School and I was appalled and embarrassed.

The streets were dirty.

The curbs were not painted.

The back of the school was a mess.

Street signs were not straight.

The worst part is - there was no security. Not even so much as a Boy Scout on the streets.

Twelve hours before you are supposed to arrive here at Lincoln High School there was no Homeland Security, not State Police, no County Police, no City Police, no security guards..... nothing. No one was securing the sight for the president of the 1.3 billion people!

Do you not find it odd that there is no security at the sight you are supposed to speak at 12 hours prior to your engagement?

Just be very, very careful. Yes - your meeting about moving Microsoft and the rest of Boeing to China went well today - but still be careful here.

We have a saying in Tacoma: I Smell A Rat.


We will pray that your visit is "Uneventful" and that you have a great time whole touring our city Tacoma.
Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount


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  2. I like to imagine positive solutions and put them out in the ethers to gain momentum. What if the mandate were made to Microsoft and Boeing that if they're pulling out to go to China, the least they could do is to leave the land in a trust or other ways just donate it to the workers of those company's, which we know is multi-thousands of people, and let them use the land to build a place to live, grow food and at least survive without a job. It would be revolutionizing! If this idea could be put out there through anomymous or other activists, it at least wakes people up to the idea of solutions and being creative. I don't know how to find those sites, but as an attention getter, I think it would serve it's purpose and get people to think!