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Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Are we Celebrating Halloween?

For monthes now we have been asking GOD to help us do certain things.

We have asked for HIS help through Mass Prayers and visualizations to eliminate Lucifers Evil Forces from Planet Earth by making Lucifer's forces completely immobilized.

We have asked GOD for help to bring rain into the American South West.

The list goes on and on.

Tonight while coming home we saw literally hundreds and hundreds of kids celebrating Halloween in costumes.

The children were cute in their costumes. The candy was great and the music was appropriate.

Those little Goblins were mostly with their moms and Dads and all had a great time.

Including Lucifer.
In 1986 Dr James Dobsen estimated about 50,000 children are sacrificed to Lucifer every year in America..

Well- the number is likely four times that today not including the 3,000,000 Dead Babies killed in abortions here in America and sacrificed to the God of Self - 90% of them are non-white.

The cults I am most familiar with are Skull and Bones, the North Fort Lewis Cult and the Green River Cult - Gary Ridgeway - and another smaller local cult..

Three days before through three days after Halloween these cults kill a child on this Lucifarian (Satanic) Holy Celebration.

Let me describe what happens:

1) A women has a baby in a hospital and this child is born to be killed.

2) A week before the Sacrifice a Woman's pair of underwear is tied to a branch to mark the spot.

3) The night of hte Sacrifice - never on Halloween - the Chef Land Manager goes out to unlock the gate and stands guard.

4) Several Cops show up to guard the sacrifice. In the case of the Green River Cult there are never less than 4 King County Cops there.

5) The Knights in White Satan - Ladies of the Light - sit in a rented CHURCH and burn Black Candles aand write letters to place under the Black Candles chanting: "Satan I Love You."  The candles burn woith Bright Flames as the Demons (Archons) enhance their energy. Guards with Machine Guns guard the doors and they kill unwanted guests. They prefer Lutheran Churches. because their Priests bow to money most easily.

6) The Chief Priest (Green River Cult, The Chief Seattle Judge) and his 12 disciples show up in their White Robes.

7) THE baby is drugged and brought forward. They prefer White Girls.

8) Each of these Priests have sex with the newborn the sex does not matter to these Perverts.

9) The baby has it's throat slit and the blood is then drunk by every one of these Disciples of Lucifer
10) At the moment of death at a pre-determined time Lucifer shows up to suck off the Dying Energy of the New Born.

11) The hands and feet are then cut off (Alive or dead) and then planted and a huge Orgie then begins with dancing, Drugs and Alcohol.

12) The Chief Priests must remain Pure and not use Drugs of Alcohol.

13) After several hours the gates are reopened and the partiers go home.

14) The Clean Up Crew arrives and actually rakes the area completely clean.

15) The body is disposed of in a certain Dumpster set for this. In the case of the North Fort Lewis Cult the baby was dumped in the dumpster near the old Post Office when I investigate the cult. If I had joined I would have been a permanent Forester on Fort Lewis as a reward - my Dream Job.

16) The Cops leave and the Drunks go home. If a Newbee is not quite on board these Demon Possessed Freaks use their Demons to create a huge Traffic Accident involving the Newbee - the more deaths the better. This is why Auto Deaths rise around Halloween.

The Full Moons also are primary times of sacrifice +- 3 days.

Many cults sacrifice animals 3 months of the year instead of humans.

Pat Schupe's Husband (Chief Seattle Judge) used to come home and puke in the toilet and tell her how crazy the other Priests really were.

Doubt me - see the book: He Came To Set His Captive Free


Or read: Behind Enemy Lines by Sal Denna

Or read the Pierce County Satanic Handbook - I have.

Or get invited into 5 Cults and explain to the leaders of your community that you belong to the Living GOD and Lucifer (Satan) can kiss your Royal Petutie. Yeshua (Jesus) has your back. There goes your job or career.

GOD has had me involved in Spiritual Warfare for a very, very long time.

This is what you are celebrating America.

This is our leadership here in America.

This is why Hanz Kovlenback (Chief Jesuit) stated on 15 April 2000 that the Jesuits (Lucifer) will make his last stand here in America.

Tonight america, all across America, you participated in a Huge Lucifarian (Satanic) Holiday as some where around america Children are to be sacrificed to Lucifer.

Now what do you thing GOD's response will be?

Any questions?
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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