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Monday, October 6, 2014

White Dragon Society, Ascended Masters, I Call You Out

For the last 3 years all I have heard is that the White Dragon SOciety, guided by the Ascended Masters (Great WHite Botherhood) will lead us out of the economic and environmental  dull-drums we are in.

You will save the day.

Give us projects to help humanity and we are directed by the Great Galactic Federation to step in a  help yoiu.

So I contacted a person doing interviews with the Dragon Family Ambassador and challenged him to fund these projects immediately.

The Dragon Family Ambassador responded: "Humanity is too stupid to accept these products, Humanity is not advanced enough.

Any excuse will do.

Dragon Family - you have lost face, you look like liars.

You now refuse to do as you said you would do.

I Call You Out.

I challenge YOU in the name of the Living GOD to Put Up or GOD will shut you up, so says the I Am That I AM, so was and is and is top come.

Is that clear enough?

Unless you produce NO ONE will ever trust you and your family again.

Fund the construction of the products we identified in the story "A Message To The White Dragon Society" or the Living GOD will knock you into the next century.

GOD gives you until this  Full Moon tomorrow to Put Up or Shut Up and if you refuse HE will "Rip You a New Rear End" and will continue to bear down on you until you do as you said you would do.

You know how to contact me.

Thou Shalt Not Lie Dragon Families and GOD is calling you out.

Deal with it.

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