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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can Marijuana Be Made To Cure Cancer

Several weeks ago I got a tour of a Dope Farm.

((((Continue to pray for
1) Gentle Rains in the American South West
2) The evil Leadership of the US Corporation leaves Planet Earth
3) The Ascended Masters (Shamballah) either help us remove the Evil or get off this planet forever and leave us alone - stop lying to us.))))

The Marijuana farm consisted of the about 30 plants that several families were growing legally top help with their cancer. The farmer who allows this growing does not partake in any form.

I was show the difference between seeds, leaves, stems and the "Buds." These "Buds" can have as much as 25% THC and each different

Different Dope plant can do different things to you - like make you hungry, desire sex, be stupid, stand up and be crazy.

In addition, different part of the plants do different things. The Stems are good to chew on - you might get a "Buzz" The leaves you smoke or eat. The seeds you put into a stew to get you "Buzzed" and the "Buds" get you all Fu..ed" up. Like I knew.

Since these families with cancer ate the Dope to alleviate the symptoms of the cancers they had they got all the vitamin and mineral that can be had form the plant yet despite this their cancer is growing inside them - it is getting worser.

So what do we know:

1) Eating and smoking Dope does not cure cancer.

2) Eating and smoking Dope Oil of any kind does not get rid of cancer.

3) Eating Dope "Cures" the lack of appetite you get when the Hospitrals (DOD) feed you chemicals and irradiate you like a microwave oven does to chicken.

4) Immusist allows the Human Body to absorb nutrients so it "Cures" Cancer.

5) Eating Immusist and Kelp together knocks all of the cancers I have looked at into the next century.

6) So - The Cancer Virus released by the US Army causes large amounts of Minor Nutrients to be used up and it is this lack of Minor Nutrients that causes cancer, Primarily Zn, Mn, Mg.

7) Pigs fed buds with the THC boiled out of it get higher than a kite - so there must be several chemicals in Marijuana besides THC that get you  high.

So what if I could design a fertilizer to make these nutrients available in high enough quantities to eliminate the cancer virus - or counter the US DOD created Cancer Virus?

That is exactly what I am doing.

The difficulty lies in the fact that it does not take that much Dope to get you higher than a kite - so can you ingest enough Dope Leaves to get the nutrients to "Cure" the cancer?

So I am personally designing a fertilizer we will be using on an area that will be used to grow Dope next year and we will then - if we have any money - test the leaves for higher levels of minot nutrients and see if it comes close to Sea Weed leaves.

Imagine - eating "Alice B Tokely" brownies that cure cancer.

A Cancer Curing Dope Plant - you get high and can eat, and then watch the cancer and Heart Disease go away.

With no money this test will take about 9 months to complete and I will let the APFn reader know what the results are. If ewe had money we could do it in about 30 days.

Until then we will feed the cancer victims Immusist and Sea Weed to make sure they live long enough to eat the Dope.

Of course - you could always just eat the Seaweed and Immusit and not worry about the Dope - but then, where the fun?

By the way - I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I do not use drugs of any kind except and inhaler - and getting high has never really appealed to me so I make the perfect Test Scientist since I will not eat any of the products I am testing.

One last note - Dope smells like Skunk so unless you want your house to stink like Skunk dry it outside if you plan to dry it. I mean this stuff really stinks.
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Dr William B. Mount

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