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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Cure For PTSD Update 2 - UN Style

Over the weekend the UN had two separate conference - one in New York and one in London. These conferences were absolutely incredible.

The conference focussed on the 2015 UN Year of light and were attended by some incredible speakers.

During the conferences of these speaker spoke about Brain Functions and light.

What do these researchers know at the highest levels of the Government that can help us poor slugs who have Combat Related PTSD?

First of all - Combat PTSD is unlike any other PTSD.

When someone has a really bad experience - loss of a wife, child, in a fore - they have after effects that can be dealt with through counseling, therapy etc.

When we went through combat, or watched our buddies come home form Nam or Iraq in a body bag - out brain is literally rewired. It is if an electrician went in there and rewired part of out Neural Network.

So - for example - say you were walking through some Wet, nasty Rice Patty and your feet itched and you remember the smell of human Poop and the sounds of a child crying. You feet began to itch because of Jungle Rot and you are sitting there eating Eggs and Ham form a can that look Green - Green Eggs and Ham.

Suddenly a shot rings out and you buddy drops his can and begins groaning. You roll over and begin firing in the direction of the shot.

You knew him for 5 months. He was to go home in a few days and you were going to meet in a bar inhis home town when you got home.

You charge the area where you heard a shot and you never see your buddy again.

Those sounds, sights, smells - all rewire your brain.

Thirty years later you hear a Fire Cracker and your feet itch and you do not know whether to fight, run or freeze. You panic looking around for some one who is not there and then you realize you are at a stadium watching fire works.

Your child brings home a book called Green Eggs and Ham, You begin tot read it and you get all shaky and begin to itch for no apparent reason and ask your grandson to go to grandma as your palms begin to itch.

A sound triggers a memory and you wake u that night screaming because you are back in Nam or Korea or Okinawa.

All of this is Normal. Your brain was rewired.

What you need to do is recognize what is around you - what triggers these symptoms and realize how you can then take active actions to stop going any farther.

Everyone in combat with you has the same thing happen to them.

When your feet start to itch, your hands get all sweaty, your face turns red - recognize this as a rewiring of your brain and feel every part of your body. You are not there - you are not in combat. Resist the next stages of the reliving of the combat.

For many they actually relive this period sometimes weekly, sometimes daily. I took many soldiers who would go Bonkers from time to time, and hid it from the Captains and Colonels, and allowed both of them to retire with dignity.

Your brain has been physically rewired. You just need to accept this and deal with this fact.

Combat Related PTSD is a Physical Disability, NOT a Mental Disability.

Under controlled circumstances - write what happened every time your were in combat. What you saw, what you smelled, what you felt just as the Combat started and rewrite about it over and over until you begin to recognize your triggers and then learn to short circuit the experience.

For example - every time I see John Kerry, or read about what he is saying, I want to spit on him. Anger flows through my veins. This punk Coward spat on our troops as they came home from Vietnam. His very name is a trigger for anger and I personally need to control it.

The UN is working with a few colleges who are using light to reprogram your brain -- rewire to to avoid these PTSD symptoms. If the Astral Plain begins crashing into our plane next year through a concept known as Sonoluminescence then we just may be able to rewire our own brains very soon.

Before we do anything we first must realize what is wrong and then we can fix it.

For you Nam Vets:


The News You Absolutely Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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