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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Cure For Autism Update 15

As you recall in previous articles, we have been following 2 distinctly different children in their walk out of Autism.

1) Child A: A 9 year old female. Her prenatal diagnosis was good but after a year she acted very differently than other children. She cried all the time and needed allot of "Mommy" time. Whether it was caused by early childhood vaccinations or in the womb no one can say except that the child was normal at birth.

As with all autistic Children we eliminate Wheat and Canola Oil and Dairy and add sea Weed and Immusist to the diet - 15 drops of Immusit per day ---- and Eat Organic Everything. The poisons used to grow regular foods destroy Autistic Children.

After 30 days she began to speak, connecting eye and hand movement together at age 8.

After 1 year she began reading --- elementary, but she recognized words like Dog and Cat. a Huge improvement over a child that could not dress, shower, or even ride a bike alone.

Now, after a year and a half, she is becoming a person - a real person with a real personality.

A few days ago she cried at school and did not with to do anything. She laid her head on her hands and just cried. Her mom came and picked her up and she brightened up and got all happy. She just wanted Mommy Time.

She did go home and sleep for a couple of days and ran a small fever.

Autistic Children are so effected buy so many things - GMO FOods set \them off, a word form another child - so many things.

Since she has  now been coming out of Autism for about 18 months she is a 9 year old girl with a 2 year old Emotional Personality. She is her Moms' "Special" child - and she is cuter than a bug.

When she reaches adult hood at 21 she will be fully developed mentally but always be a 12 year old in her heart - your Emotional Aging stops at 18.

2) Child B: The second Child is 15 year old male that became autistic a few hours after being vaccinated. and remained so for many years -- unable to speak or read.

His parents have been walking him out of Autism now for about 4 years now.

He has recently been transfered to a special school and is excelling in everything.

His Emotional Personality is like that of a 4-6 year old but his mental comprehension is that of a 15 year old. It is a tough combination to have.

When he grows up to adult hood at 21 he will always be emotionally a 10 year old. His employment possibilities will be limited but they are still there.

Since these kids can focus incredibly well and since most Autistic Children and Indigo Children they have the ability to engineer and Back Engineer almost anything --- hint, hint, hint underground DOD like a magnetic propulsion system using a  5th harmonics drive system.

3) Child C- I encourage you to read Ty Bolinger's Book: Cancer: Think Outside The Box. His experience with Autism is just like every one else. His child was vaccinated, became Autistic in several hours, and he completely changed their diets and he is now just about normal again after 4 -5 years.

There Is Hope  Moms.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta -- Russian

For you moms - my name is Bill

For the CDC and FDA - that's Mr Ambassador, or, Your Grace

IMMUSIST - Assist Your Immune System Today!

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