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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FBI You Are In Serious With The Boss

FBI9 - Feebies  - You are in serious trouble with the Boss upstairs.

---Continue to pray (Visualize) that there are gentle continuous rains in the American South West
---Continue to pray (Visualize) that these Evil Forces of Lucifer are forced off Planet Earth forever.
---Continue to pray (Visualize) that the Evil People in the FBI are completely immobilized forever.

Seven years ago, to the day, you and your forces hand cuffed me after stealing my savings, forcing me to live on the road for 5 months, printing up $750 million in Fake Bonds out of Foster City (CA) using my stolen money, and then you had the audacity to hand cuffs on this this Ambassador at a Bank of America for trying to put $300 in a Homeless Black Gal's Account who was homeless.

FBI - She had a stick and she was what - 60 years old and stood 5 foot 4 inches tall?

 She might have hit you - you cowards.

The folks who cooperated with you are all dead now.

The nation you tried to seize control of is dead - I killed it thanks to some friends at the UN.

Your Bank of America has lost Billions of Billions of dollars since then.

Your agency has been gobbled up by the Department of Homeland Security and made very unimportant.

You agents are harassed and killed overseas every where.

Your FBI Gay Boys can no longer operate on any military post without huge amounts of resistance and suspicion after your "Foot Hood Fake Shooting."

After cuffing, and arresting me for 45 minutes, this active Foreign Ambassador  emailed Putin's Staff and they replied: "Don't worry, be happy, drink Vodka, get drunk."

Thirty Six hours later they pulled the bottom out of our stock market and it went form 14,200 to 6,900.

GOD says you have until the 19th of this month - the day the market collapsed 7 years ago -  to repay me or YOUR world will begin to collapse around YOU.

The Seven Years Is Up Plus it is a Year of Repayment and next year is the a Year of Jubilee.



That is $150,000 plus the $1 Million per day that Melvin Belli - one of your freak Gay attorneys - set for the price of a False Arrest. If this is not paid YOU are in GOD's Hands. HE will deal with you ever so harshley.
Paid back 7 years later, "7 times, pressed down and over flowing" or GOD will take it out of your hide.

So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Any questions for this Real Ambassador (Not Corporate) FBI?

If I were you - I would be very afraid.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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