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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spy Vs Spy - The Gigs Up

In htis game where the Roman Pope and his forces are trying to destroy Planet Earth the Gig may be up.

(((Continue to Pray for (VIsualize) Gentle Continuous Rains in the American South West - it' raining - and for the Evil Cabal to collapse and it's evil leaders to become as helpless as new new born babies as long as they remain here on Planet Earth)))))

What we see is a huge attempt to destroy not only America but to start a Major World War in the process.

As you will see are the following:

1) The Cure For Ebola has been ignored.

2) Connecticut has declared a Medical State of Emergency.

3) Mandatory Vaccinations coming on a vaccination the CDC said yesterday was years away.

4) The UK and US are meeting in London to discuss the effects of a Huge Banking Failure.

5) Another attempt on an Obama Double's life.

6) The US Marine Corps Drills simulating the shut down of AMerica under Marshal Law.

7) Fall of the US Stock Market - see Wallstreet Journal today.

As for other news for the Chinese and Russian Intel:

1) The Nuclear Weapon missing from the Colorado Arsenal (See Sorcha today) was underground railroaded to Halifax and has already been loaded into a private submarine and is headed to London. They plan to detonate this 1.7KT Artillery shell to knock off the "Top Of The Financial Pyramid" and cause huge amounts of confusion and banking failures world wide.

2) The London Nuke is supposed to be just big enough not to destroy #10 Downing Street -- but they mis-calculated due to the number of underground tunnels. Oops.

 3) A few days after the London Detonation under Deutch Bank near Wall Street (the Big Building), in a lower old subway tunnel (Under Under) they will detonate a nuke to destroy NYC. I could show you the building --- but alas --- I am here and you are there.

4) Within a few days after that the followong cities will also be hit: Tokyo, Beijing and the Capitol of Malaysia. This will cause a massive war - Nuclear in nature. You see - the nukes used here will have a "Russian" signature.

The Frankfort Bankstas and the Roman Pope have gone utterly MAD.

5) These Bankstas will continue to die until they meet the 12 June deadline set by GOD. Too bad, so sad, Touche' --- so they just may be successful in some of these detonations. Frankly, I would rather see these Demon Possessed men die (Permanent Death) rather than them doing as GOD has directed.

Their life is in their own hands.

6) Comcast is set to then take over the Internet and you will do as you are told and the State Run Media will completely control those who have TV sets.

7) My guess is - since we have saved the Actor Obama's Life so many times APFN will be left alone - time will tell.

8) This pattern will continue monthly until these Buggers are either dead or incapacitated - locked in a rubber room somewhere far far away.

For further clarification you may go to --- all the appropriate storiies have been posted there.

Well - the Rothchilds did not go to Livermore Lab or Norfolk for their nukes - they went to Colorado and the Old Russian Nuke Storage Facility where the Old Former Soviet Union Nukes (15,000 of them)  are maintained but NOT inventoried. All work is done by hand and the paper work can get lost.

These Roman Bankers are a dirty bunch of Buggers and would sooner see this planet in Rubble than deal with us. We are toys to them and when we get angry or die our soul puts our a higher frequency vibration they get high off of.

Continue to pray - visualize - these workers of Evil vanish immediately off this planet. They want you dead.

By the way - finding those Rogue Nukes was Childs-Play (And Fun Actually)  and I need to move to someplace in Montana away from folks to really focus on this. I knew about this around noon but was unable to react until now - hours late.

As for the White Dragons - It is too bad you have not seen the need to transfer me to an area were I can act faster and be more accurate - this is why the Living GOD is now shaking your outfits up hard.

Lets see - Plagues, Economic Collapse, Internet Shut Down, State Run Media, Massive Food Shortage --- all caused by the IMF bunch ---- pretty scary, just in time for Halloween --- the First Halloween in the First Year of Jubilee in the Age of Aquarious.

Maybe,  just maybe, our prayers will be heard and these Lucifarians will be stopped.

You need for 3 months: Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat, Communications.

Do not leave out Medications. See: The Cure For Autism Update 15.

Remember - if you need water turn off your Hot Water Tank electrical circuit, drain out the sludge, and there is some water. I have a 38 Gallon Hot Water Tank I clean yearly. I turn off the tank and we can survive for a month - 2 of us.
The News You Need To Survive

Dr William B. Mount

The News You Need To Have.

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