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Friday, October 10, 2014

Benjamin Fulford Is Right On

In Benjamin Fulford's latest post he is right on.

(((Please continue to pray (Visualize) that it gently rains continuously in the American South West - and it is, all over, and that those who are trying to destroy us are made as helpless as babes here on Planet Earth)))

In his latest post he talks about the Cabal (Rothchilds, Bauers, Frankfurt Bankers, the Pope) coming apart at the seems. In their last ditch attempt they are trying to stir up wars all over the globe and push a Polio/Ebola Pandemic all over America to destroy the nation.

Ben also talks about the White Dragon Society now putting the Cabal in a very compromising position and they are now posed to cut off the funding for all their wars.

Let us hops, pray, and Visualize, that these White Hats  are successful very soon before the expected Marshal Law arrives around Christmas time.

Pray also that the Rothchilds cough up the money they stole form Benjamin and his father immediately or the entire Rothchild Family becomes unable to even wipe their rears.

Benjamin is also absolutely correct in stating that the Typhoon looked up by the Rothchilds to destroy Japan has bee defused - look at the Japanese Weather Reports. While the TV is showing you horrible rains and winds Japan is seeing mild rain showers. The Mainstream Media will show you torn up homes, downed Power Lines, a Cry For Help form starving Japanese People while the weather is mild all over Japan.

The White Dragons now have a powedr much greater than the Cabal - their Draconians and Tall Grays are about to get their rear end kicked.

If these Bankstas from London and Frankfurt  meet the 12 June goal set by GOD then the killing of these Banstas will cease, other wise most of the Cabal is set to die - so GOD has said it, so it shall be.

As for the Russian Economy - they are, and have been for some time, experiencing a down turn in their economy caused directly by the Living GOD - Pres Putin and his staff need to understand that until their blessings are returned their economy will continue to deteriorate.

GOD Will Not Be Mocked.
As for what the Cabal has planned here in America, well - hold on tight:

1) Another Made Up Black Shooting by a cop in about a week - perhaps 10 days (+- 3 Days)and more riots, The Cabal will now try to push the Black Population to the Brink so they can round them up and kill them.

2) Huge amounts of deadly chemicals will now be injected into the ground in the name of "Fracking" It is a way to kill you and destroy agricultural production - nothing more.

3) Attempt on Obama (Double) on his upcoming travels - I believe he is going to Europe to a City of Roses - like Vienna. There a lone gunman (2 CIA Shooters) will attempt to take a Double out to stir up the Blacks on, or around, the 17th of October (+-3 Days).

4) Within a week or so another all SHooting will occur - although they may revert to a school shooting. Ask the #2 CIA guy where he plans his Fake Mass Murder this month or put the Gay Freak in a room with me and I will get it out of him. Not mincing words her.

5) Your Christmas Present will be Marshal Law, Curfews, Bank Restrictions - anything to mess your life up because these Demons feed off of your fears and anger. This Cabal is pre Evil.

6) One last note - keep the Cabal from accessing more Nukes from Norfolk - no more guy - come on, this is getting really old - and keep them away from Lawrence Liver More Labs as well.

7) Do Not Trust the Red Cross or any Vaccination. They are there to kill you. If it says US - run.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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