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Thursday, October 30, 2014

QE Two And You

Now that the Dragon Family has taken financial Control of the IMF, The BIS,  and Federal Reserve Bank and System what exactly does this mean to you?

(((First - continue to pray (Visualize) that the evil on Planet Earth will become absolutely unable to function and leave. Second - that it rains in the US South West....It is expected to rain all over California in a few days and pray the rain continues for 6 months - Gentle, Mild, Continuous Rains.)))

First - What is the history of Monetary Policy and what is QE?

Way back in 1913 the European Bankers (Rothchilds) took control of the monetary supply be creating the Federal Reserve System which then created the Federal Reserve Banks. The intent was to suck America dry of all her wealth. It worled.

For every dollar you have in your pocket you pay these Bankstas 3 1/2 cents per year. Thus over 100 years the dollar has become fairly worthless.

Second - During WW2 an agreement began making this Dollar the World's Reserve Currency and set the price of the dollar at 1/35th of an ounce of gold.

Third - in 1971 President Nixon took us off the Gold Standard and the World's Currency went Fiat - nothing backing the money but thin air; thus violating the agreement made at Bretton Woods 14 July 1944 between 40 nations.

Fourth - Fast Forward to President Clinton. In 1994 the economy took a Nose dive so he ordered the US Treasury Department to begin buying Stocks and Bonds to prop-up the market. Over the last 20 years the US Corporation has purchased over $300 Trillion in US Stocks and Bonds.

Currently under Obama the US Corporation is  seizing State, County, and City Stocks and Bonds and replacing them with US Corporate Treasury Bonds.

Fifth - During the last year of President Bush being in office he gave the Major Banks about $4 Trillion Dollars to help stabilize them. About 90% of this stabilization money went into Banksta Bonuses.

Sixth - Over the last 6 years Obama, Lucifer's False Profit,  managed to hand out about $16 Trillion to these Banks and, as in the case of Bush, 90% went into the pockets of about 10,000 Bankstas as "Bonuses."

Seven - The White House comes up with an Illegal Scheme called "Quantitative Easing." Here Financial Institutions (Including companies like IBM) could issue bonds and the Federal Reserve System would buy them at near Zero Interest.

The "Financial Companies" could then re-invest them with the US Treasury and earn 3-4% on these bonds --- all paid for by the Tax Payer.

Many companies invested their dollars in Russia at 9%, or wherever else the CIA had them invest it. .

Thus - a company like Bank of America could issue $1 Billion in bonds and re-invest and earn 4% - or $40 Billion per year and you have to pay for it.

So why are these banks crying "Bankruptcy?

Because rather than re-investing the money they took it an bonuses for their 10,000 Top Bankstas leaving their banks without the money meant to pay off their debts and stabilize their companies.

It is called theft - Fraud.

Now here are some other problems that have arisen in the last two years than complicates the entire issue:

One - US Banks are now having their Books Cooked by (In the case I know of) Former Frank Russell Employees. No one really knows where the money is, where it went, how much there is, or what kind of money it is. It is thus impossible to trace.

Two - the $76.5 Trillion I Identified in the Grand Cayman Islands Banks  belonging to the US Treasury is still there and has not been returned.

When it is returned if there is no 15% Reward then GOD will take the Dragon Families to task.

If it is not returned in the next week GOD will take the Dragon Families to Task.

Is that clear Dragon Families?

Three - the $2 Trillion I identified By Bank Routing numbers is still out there and has not been returned.

Same thing here Dragon Families.

Four - the $45 Trillion the Rothchilds used to destroy Greece a few years ago, now sitting in the Royal Bank of Scotland ( I Believe) needs to simply go away- vanish into the Great Beyond where it came from - that great Federal Reserve Computer based in Utah.

Please keep in mind that the Entire World's Gross Domestic Product is between $80 and $90 Trillion.

The Rothchids (Bauers) under orders from the Bankstas in Frankfurt, under orders form the Vatican, make this money up on their computers. When the  Dragon Family tried to stop these things from continuing happen last week someone in Frankfurt and someone in Geneva tried to  make up false accounts and cooked the books.

That actually happened last week and threw the Dragon Family into a Tizzy.

Without GOD they are not gong to succeed.

Do as HE says and you will succeed.

Further - not only are the Rothchild Forces still trying to start a Nuclear War but they are trying to destabilize Afghanistan, Dagastan, Western Brazil, Northern Thailand, Most of Africa where oil and diamonds are found, the  area just North East of Irkusk (Russia), Northern Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and right here in the US with More Gun Violence, Ebola, and letting Child Rapers and Murderers out of jail while holding Marijuana Smokers in jail.
So what does this all mean for YOU and I?

If the Dragon Family actually does as GOD has directed then they will be able to   contain the US Corporation and the moron Obama, stop the arms transfers Dagastan and other parts of the world, stopsthe next assassination attempt on Obama 7 November and the Nuke headed for Paris on the same day, destroy the GMO manufacturers and their people world wide, and contain the Jesuits by either killing them or rounding them up and putting them in prison, then things look pretty good for the Worlds Economy.

After a re-evaluation of the Euro and the Dollar then things will be  looking up for you and I.

The price of foreign made products will go up a little and life will get better. Welfare will go away but the Retired on Social Security and Physically Disable Soldiers and Retired Soldiers will still receive a Pension.

If the Dragon Family does not do as GOD has directed them to do   "He..". will break out financially. There will be shortages of goods world wide - food, clothing, etc and prices will sky rocket.

If they do not do as GOD has stated then stories on whatrealyhappened like the following will increase:

1) 10:58AM: Anti-Quaranteen Nurse Hickox was trained by as an Intelligence Officer by the CDC.

Remember the gal Obama hugged and seemed to be reaching out to - a Naval (CIA) Intel Officer.

2) 11:22AM: WTO Says Consumers Do Not Need To Know Where Meat Comes From.

Remember Soilent Green?
Please store up 3 months of Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat and Communications. This includes Medications as well.

I personally have Sea Weed, Vitamins, Immusist and Rice packed in Diatamatious Earth for 1 year.
Pray with me (VisualieE) that the Dragon Family is forced to do as GOD has directed. Already GOD is destroying their base and let us hope they are intelligent enough get the message.


Not by the Dragon Families, not by the Russians, not by the Rothchilds. Not now. Not ever.
So, as a side not, who are the Dragon Families?

 These folks are very secretive but the early Imperial Russian symbols and Chinese symbols are identical. It appears they are a collaboration of  wealthy families living in Central Asia and are tied into the se Ascended Masters - the same ones GOD is currently shaking up until they do as GOD has directed.

Their members live a very long time.

Apparently these family leaders are rich, powerful, and slow on the uptake and very, very arrogant.

 If somebody shook my home for a week I would be standing at attention listening with both ears.

Until they listen, and do as GOD has directed them, the Rothchilds and the Vatican will continue to Double Cross the Dragon Families daily.

Wonder how long it will take them to grasp this simple concept?

(((((Now you know why we are in an economic mess - apparently the Powerful World Leaders are not very bright and appear to have NO honor. Exactly how this New Economic System filters down to us is only a guess  but there will be changes.)))))
The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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