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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peter Popoff In Seattle

Tuesday night Peter Popoff came to Seattle.

(((Please continue to pray that the Evil on Planet Earth is exposed and neutralized. Also pray for Gentle Continual rains in the American South West and Northern Mexico, ray also that the US Trolls - those who destroy you Internet Reputation for telling the truth, are also exposed and neutralized.)))

About a month ago Peter Popoff - A TV Evangelist - sent to letters to the area stating he would come the the Grand Ball Room of the Seattle Waterfront Marriots Hotel stating it was an "Exclusive Event" by invitation only so reserve your spot today.

Where he got my name is beyond me.

I responded and stated I would be there so he sent me "Tickets"

We went to the Seminar and as we entered they did not require the tickets.

There were 3 cameras all pointed to the Left Front of the room and about 10 security guards posted around the room - yes, a "Profit of God" needed about 10 security officers.

About a half hour before the seminar Peter's Assistant took Prayer Requests from the left front of the auditorium where the cameras were focussed.

The Seminar started at about 7PM with really loud music and an organ and one camera began recording. I have been to a Strip Club once for about 1 minute and the music was louder that that. In fact - the Music was louder than my Chain Saw. It immobilized you even with Foam Ear Plugs in.

As it began Peters Son began selling "Prosperity Kits" for only $40. They only had a limited supply so please come forward and get them while you can and god will bless you.

At about 7PM Peter Popoff came out on stage and began chanting: "Just tell Jesus your problems and it will be OK" and  "Tell Jesus what you want and you will get it." and "Just Dial Up Jesus and he will make you rich."

He then went to the left front of the Grand Ballroom where he walked up to people and hit them on the head yelling "Jesus has healed you"  and they began to dance and scream.

He traveled around the right front room and hit more people stating: "Jesus has healed you." and then went back to the left side agian where the 3 cameras were focussed. Again these "Healed" people danced around the room screaming "Hallallujah."

He came up to my wife and yelled: "Do You Have Headaches?" (What women Doesn't)
She responded : "Sometimes"
He hit her on the head and yelled "Jesus has healed you."
There was evil in his eyes.

Every Black person he hit danced and screamed. The two white people he hit just stood there and said: OK.

He seemed to look for Black people who were already dancing and moving around.

His audio was apparently broken so he winged it.

The Organ music was cheesy. The Player would play to Peter - as he healed people the music would get louder and louder - completely deafening. The after he left the person it would stop -  like a late night cheesy old time movie show.

It was like a Welfare conference of people who buy the Lotto Ticket.

Peter threw canes away and up on stage, and one man got off hiss walker and ran around the Ball Room.

As he did his performance large numbers of Homeless wandered into the Ball Room. None of htem had tickets. By the end the room was over full. The main camera swung around to show the full audience.

The camera man told me that after the show he edits it and sends the show to 4 or 5 TV Stations, like the Black Entertainment Network. Apparently they buy ($) these shows.

After his stunning one hour performance he began yelling: "Give Me Money and Jesus will bless you 10 times what you give me"

Catering brought down 6 large containers of Ice Water and cups for those who were attending the conference. Peter yelled: "The Water Outside Is Miracle Water. Drink and GOD will bless you worth Prosperity." - The water Catering filled up in the Kitchen - Miracle Water, loaded with Fluoride and Chlorine.

After he said this people began filtering outside to drink lots and lots of this "Miracle Water."

There were about 15 people who then gave testimonies about how Peter Popoff helped them - almost all about money.

Then he had people lined up to give and get a Free Prosperity Bracelet. Peter stated: "Wear this Prosperity Bracelet for one week - do not take it off - and GOD will bless you."
Now the fun began - no cameras.

Those who had lost their canes went up to get them back and limped out of the Grand Ballroom - they were tired and in pain..

Those who ran around without their walkers walked slowly out of the room in more pain then when they went in with.

We then watched people as they left the Ball Room.

No One was healed. I am am medical intuit and no one was healed.

In fact - after the Seminar people were so tired many had a hard time walking up them --- but they were sure Spry before the seminar began.
We then went to the bar where my wife said: I need a Manhattan. I can't believe the sh... you drag me to. Make it a double, Maker's Mark."

I had some Ice Tea.

The bartender told us that when Peter came to the Marriot that day he came with huge amounts of security and that they were instructed not to speak to him.

The Great Profit of God - over 10 security guards and was not allowed to speak to the "Commoners."

My wife woke up worth a headache the next day and had some Liquid Advil.

GOD had me go to watch this TV Evangelist. Peter is a fake and now the living GOD will destroy his little group of liars ad thieves. So HE has said it, so it shall be. There is no place they can run and hide from the real GOD.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Peter - if you think this is unfair please call. The Judgement of the Living GOD is upon you so I suppose you just might as well call up your Jesus and tell him what you want. You are a fraud and now GOD will deal with you. You have my number.

Peter Popoff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Aron Ranen's "Television Believers" Expose of Rev. Peter Popoff - YouTube

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