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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Western Bankstas Are In Deep Trouble

The Western Bankstas are in very deep trouble.

A few hours ago a major US military base on Mars was utterly and completely destroyed.

(((Please pray that these Western Bankstas meet their 12 June deadline because the longer they wait the more that die)))

We have stated earlier that the GOD is not done with the sun yet.

Yesterday it erupted with 2 X Class Flares and one hit mars - direct hit just after a large comet passed over the planet.

There was then an Explosion that covered the face of Mars. What happened was that a new Type of Weapon called a "Flash Bang" was ignited in one of these under ground bases and it blew.

These forces now bearing down on Lucifer and his Minions in the western Banking System have weapons we cannot even imagine.

Remember "Q" from Star Trek?

Like Benjamin Fulford said in his last text: These Evil who run this Banking System cannot be trusted. They are pure evil. They will wither Surrender or die.

The negotiations between the East and West over a New Bankng System ended Sunday Morning their time as they found out about the missing nuke heading to London. Those from China had some really "Juicy" words for the Western Leaders.

Further - Russia is terminating all foreign agreements and now taking his Oil and Mineral rights back form the Rothchids and GOD will cover him as he does this. Try and touch him Pope Rothchids and GOD will kill you where you stand - so HE has said is so it shall be. President Putin has GOD's protection now despite his obvious faults.

The Russian Economy will not recover until the blessings return to Russia - but at least Putin is trying.

Evil if the western bankers surrender they will continue to be killed until they do as GOD has directed to do as of 12 June.

Personally - I enjoy the show. Die Bankstas - you have ruined millions of lives.

We can expect more "Flash Bang" shows on the back side of  Mars and in some Key US Underground Bases very soon. So expect Earth Quakes in odd places.

In the mean time - Russia, India and China are on High alert ads they allies sift through this rubage called Lucifer's Kingdom and surgically removes (Kills) them.

Russia Goes On Full EMP Alert After Mars-Sun “Battle”

▶ Comet C/2013 A1 post-encounter with Mars - YouTube

Watch what happens when Mars Blows:


Great thanks to the Sisters of Sorcha for bringing this to our attention.
The News You Need

Great stories APFN and than you Pravda.

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Look up folks - my help comes from above and here it comes. May the Living GOD now bless those of you who are following him.

PS - as for the shooting in Canada. After the three remaining CIA (ISIS) member met just south of Ottawa in Kempville the shooter who did not go Ballistic got mad because his partner went Ballistic and took off not the woods. He looks "arabian" and will more than likely hold up in a Hotel near this town tonight. Look for an arabian Man around 30 years old in a hotel without a car - this is a dead give away - Arabian Man - NO CAR. That was easy.

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Go Benjamin GO.

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