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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lucifer You Have Been Outsmarted

Lucifer - You have been outsmarted again.

(((Please continue to Pray (Vizualize That)  there is Gentle Rain in the American South West and Lucifer's Evil Minions are destroyed and that the world wakes up as to the Cures for all these horrible diseases)))

GOD made you Lucifer and understands all that you are. You are arrogant beyond belief and in this arrogance is weakness.

Suppose that I was not supposed to get paid anything based on what I did.

Suppose I was to distract you and in your Arrogance you did not pay me and this allowed me to expose all that you are doing, and about to do.

While you were ensuring that I would not prosper GOD was allowing me to expose all that you are.

All of your Alien "Allies" are now being destroyed by you and will now begin to turn against you - all of your allies - from the Draconians to the Tall Grays and Archons.

For example:

1) You kept me from receiving the rewards from 14 Waste, Fraud and Abuse cases with the VA and as a consequence the Va has been exposed as a Private Corporation using Vets as test Cases for their new drugs. Changes can now be made.

2) You kept me from receiving money from 14 US Treasury Form 211s and in doing so have exposed the fact that your Treasury Department Lies and does not honor it's debts.

3) You kept me from receiving my money from the US Treasury Form 5444E and in doing so exposed your hands at the London Stock Market to the BRIC nations. Now your dollar is collapsing.

4) You kept me from receiving a 15% reward from exposing the money from the $2 trillion Dollars we exposed stolen from the US Treasury by bank account numbers from the Tom Flocco Web site despite filing the appropriate forms to do so. In doing this the BRIC nations tracked the stolen moneys and were able to identify the Banking  fraud you have been committing world wide by account and by name - they BRIC Nations are now ready to take action against these Evil Bankstas and GOD will not allow you to protect them --- So HE has said it, so it shall be.

5) When we identified the stolen $76.5 Trillion Dollars -- stolen by the US Treasury Department- and stashed around the world and you refuseD to pay the legal 15% reward despite filing the appropriate forms the BRIC Nations identified where the dollar went and just how big your Banking Fraud is.

6) When Putin refused to pay the Legal 15% on the $750 Million dollars of False Bonds your FBI printed back in 2007 in Foster City (CA) (Using my stolen money) you exposed just how corrupt the Russian's are ---- this is why they are never going to lead the world financially. They are not honorable and GOD will therefor not allow it, so HE has said it, so it shall be until they repent. 

We could go on ---

Did you not consider the fact that GOD had you place these incompetent evil people in these places to do exactly what GOD wanted to them to do?

Arrogance is a very big weakness.  It leads to Haughtiness, hate, jealousy and anger and these emotions clog the mind.

While your minions were watching me - using all their energy to see if GOD was really real - your entire kingdom was exposed and exactly how to destroy you through the use of higher frequencies was also exposed.

GOD says you and your minions can either run or face the final death - complete destruction through higher frequency disruption. All is in place. All it takes is the GOD to give Go Ahead for your complete destruction and HE has the right based on your actions - doesn't HE?.

You have been outsmarted Lucifer.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sorry for any errors - the spelling is changing as I write it but the message will get through.

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