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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Cure For Autism Update 16

Cure For Autism Update 16 The Finger

As you recall in previous stories we are tracking the progress of two families and their Autistic Children.

First of All - for autistic Children do not feed them any GMOs and chemicals as they they seem to be  really sensitive them. So avoid: Wheat, Soy Products, Corn, MSG, Food Dies, Propylene Glycol, Beet Sugars, and any other chemicals you cannot pronounce.

Eat instead: Spelt Bread (Yum), and all organic food as chemical fertilizers seem to prevent their forward progress.

Di not forget to include 2 Ounces per week of Kelp in their diet as well - as it is a perfect mineral base.

We also use Pink Himalaya Sea salt as it is loaded with minerals. I am going to begin giving this away to local moms with Autistic Children as it is very inexpensive.

We also add a Surfactant as this helps in the process considerably.

The best Surfactant I have found is Immusist. Go To

As you recall - the Mom we are focussing on  today  is a Doctor who spent many years in the military and now has 3 children.

First - Girl about 13, perfect High Achiever just like Mom.

Second - Girl now 11. She began talking 30 days after using 15 drops of Immusist per day and reading - sort of - after a year of 15 drops of Immusist per day. She is a real character - playful, heppy, and fun to be around.

Third - Boy, 7. He learns different than other children. He is an indigo CHild and requires one on one in the learning process  - his mind works incredibly fast. He is an Indigo Child.

This story is courtesy of all those in the Autistic Field who pour their hearts and souds into these special children.................................

The Little Girl we will call Amy, was unable to even dress herself 18 months ago. Now she is a playful little girl thanks to her mom and the use of Immusist.

About two weeks ago she was jumping on her mom and dad's bed and poked a hole in the wall. Opps - it happens.

Grand Dad held his tong pretty good - he was only there for a month and then he went home os he did not wish to get too angry.

Her Grand Dad was there and so Mom and Grand Dad ran down to Home Depot and got all the things needed to patch the hole

The Doctor's Husband, an Engineer, barely noticed the hole and works 12 hour shifts mainly at night.

The very next day hte Grand Dad smoothed out the hole, filled it in, used the putty knives to smooth it out, and then went down to show his daughter how nice the repair job was.

Little Amy was watching and as soon as Grand Dad left she put a finger hole in it and ran away laughing.

When Grand Dad took Mom up the stairs to see his work - there was a finger hole in his fine work..

Grand Dad reluctantly got the stuff again and filled the hole and then both Grand Dad and Mom hid  around the corner pretending they went down stairs.

No sooner did they leave the Bed Room than little Amy came in and put her finger in the hole again and laughing and giggling like little girls do ran away and hid. ell - she got caught..

Mom and Grand Dad took Amy down stairs and played with her while Grand Dad patched the hole a Third Time. Well ----------- it got late, mom took a shower, Grand Dad sat in his chair and turned on the TV and ------- Amy giggled her way upstairs and put her finger in the hole again.

When Mom went to bed there was a finger hole big as day.

Mom then went to Grand Dad and they met with little Amy - laughing and Giggling. As Grand Dad tried to chew her out - well, she laughed and giggled. It sort of turned into a Giggle Fest.

The next day little Amy went off to school - now a High achiever for an Autistic Child.

Well.....Grand Dad finally got to patch the hole and when Little Amy got home it was dry.

If your child is Autistic you are not a failure mom.

I do not know much about all these chemicals people feed their kids to help them, or the mud baths, or cold laser, or sodium what do I know.

We do know that if you eat Organic Real Food (No GMOs) and then use a surfactant to drive the nutrients into the cells these children - all 202 of them we have worked with - have shown incredible improvements ---- most beginning to speak in 30 days and recognizing words within a year.

God Bless the Moms and Dads who take the time with their children - they are fun to help and work with.

I thoroughly enjoy helping these people - especially the Vets with children who are born "Different."

The day I charge for this will be the day I die.

Freely I received, freely I give. GOD gave it to me, I give it to you.

Please Pray for the Manufacturer of Immusist that Moms and Dads across the world use it to help walk their children out of Autism.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount
27 October 2014


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