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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UN Broadcast 7 October 2014

Coming to you from the heart of the United Nations another live broadcast from their Headquarters in both New York and London.

(((Continue to pray for Gentle continuous rain in hte American Southwest, and that the Evil on this planet vanishes both within our own hearts but that the entities spreading this evil capitulate)))

Once again, here is a summary of how your World Leaders think on this Full Moon of Libra - the Balancing Scales.

The purpose of these meetings is to come together and unite in common purpose - a "Mass Conciousness Exercise." So around 450 people around the world come together every full moon to achieve their goals of bringing down the energies from Shamballah and the Ascended Masters.

The message given to the members prepares them for Group Meditation so that they are all focussed on the same message in their meditation.

What this meeting discussed is as follows:

The human mind is a complex set of inter-workings that display for us what our reality is. When we look at our fingers, for example, is it our mind that generates the image of the fingers or is it the fingers that bring light into our mind. Is our reality in our minds or actually around us?

Is what we see really an illusion?

These questions have been asked by philosophers for centuries.

Now that we have some form of Modern Science we are actually beginning to look ask the mathematical energy fields that surround a Human hough and by modifying them may be able to actually change reality.

We know that at this level Matter vibrates slowly and the soul much faster.

The full moon at Libra represents a distinct line where we try to balance our world of desires with our desire to climb the Spiritual Ladder.

The laws of right and wrong must be written within our hearts.

We are learning that these laws must be taught in schools while the children are still very young. We must teach them in the schools to be harmless and travel through life balancing Matter with Spiritual.

There are also large pyramid structures of Syrias B (Blue Temple) and in the Pleiades system that interconnect us spiritually with them.

SInce all souls vary in their levels of Spiritual development we must find ways to gather together and unite to pull everyone forward and leave no one behind. Therein lies the challenge.

One last thing - before the Evil is purged form this planet we must first purge it form ourselves.  It is our constant desire for more, more , more - our Greed, which calls in this evil and we must ascend above these desires to have peace within ourselves. Then, and only then, can we expect things around us to change.
A Personal Note:

This was a very unusual Full Moon in that the moon was red, there was an eclipse, and it was 3 hours late as given by the Farmers's Almanac. More than that though - the entrance to Shamballah (Area where China meets Afghanistan) is being shaken hard - see --- IRIS World Earthquake Map.

The Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood are being shaken because they have not done as they should have so we may see some very swift and large changes here on this planet - but that is just a personal note.

I felt, however, huge amounts of positive and negative energies being emitted form above. Time will tell.

One other note: A large number of internal meetings are now going on in the UN building in New York and at the London, Frankfurt and Rome Financial Headquarters for the New World Order. It feels like they are ready to fall apart, break up. (They missed 12 June and GOD is not happy).

Time will tell.
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Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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