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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Marijuana Can Be Made To Cure Cancer

As you have read earlier - we are looking for methods to make Marijuana useful in not only reducing  the pain and nausea caused by cancer but also as a plant to CURE Cancer.

((((Continue to pray for
1) Gentle, constant rain in the American South West
2) The Evil is purged from this planet immediately - Lucifer's Allies))))

We set a protocol to CURE cancer of either One Centrum VItamin per day and 2MG of Iodine per day as a supplement to that (Pule 15 drops of Immusist per day) ---- or --- 1 ounce of Sea Weed per week - preferable Kelp. Sop far so good - everyone using this protocol looses all signs of cancer in 6 months.

Without the Immusist - the Nurtrients are not absorbed.

So how do we administer Dope to help alleviate the Cancer Symptoms AND reduce the cancer in the body.

Imagine, though, walking into a cancer clinic with a "Magic Pill" or "Brownie" that not only makes you feel good but gets rid of the cancer?

The hospitals would fear you - they would come against you. The AMA would cuss you out and the American Cancer Society and GLOBAL FUNND would curse your name - yet we think we have done it.

If we reduce the Cancer too quickly they may loose the cancer and their disability as well because they are cancer free. The key is to not only strike a balance in these two factors but to administer the Dope ion a pleasing and usable fashion.

to be able to fertilize a Commercially grown Dope Plant with enough Iodine to match Sea Weed is a daunting task as a full grown plant can be 8 feet by 8 feet and weigh as much as 50 pounds or more wet. This means we would have to use huge amounts of Iodine to fertilize the plant with.

Tests for this high level of Iodine on plants begins on a patch of lawn tomorrow to see the results within a few months.

In addition - when the Dope buds are used to add to food they can be as much as 25% THC and when baked additional Cabanoids (?) are created that make the Dope even more potent - so only tiny amounts are needed to for the Cancer Patients - an incredible daunting tasks to add enough iodine to even be detectable when using these small amounts of plant materials.

When a Butter is made of the THC - who knows what the nutrient content of this butter is and it is very doubtful that the manufacturer will part with enough to test it for Nutrient Content.

There is also one other wild card - all Dope Plants are not alike. Each Subspecies of Dope not only has different effects on the human body (One makes you hungry, one makes you go insane, one makes you sleep...) but each subspecies may absorb nutrients differently.

So what can you do?

So here is what we are about to do to the food they are given to help these cancer patients.: We will give the patients the usual dose of  Dope in their cookies and sprinkle Sea Weed and ground up Centrum Vitamins on top of the cookies and then put an icing on top.

The patients eat their daily cookie so fast they do not even know what is in it.

Then - in addition to the cookie or brownie  - we give them a Sunkist Orange Drink - mostly Sugar - with 15 drops of Immusist in the Drink plus 2 MG of Iodine for the first 3 months.

If they are diabetic - as most of them are - we will also give them a couple of Cinnamon Pills to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

Voila - Cancer and Diabetes and Heart Disease cured and  the patient feels great.

We will let you know how the tests come out soon. We will not disclose the type of Sea Weed we will use until the tests are done with.

Dope That Cures Cancer.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Will somebody contact High Times and let them know about these 2 articles - there maybe money in it for you. SInce I use the word CURE I cannot make money off of these articles - but you can.

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