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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Man Dumps Chemicals in Well Causing Ebola

This is correct.

Coming to you form the Daily Observer out of Liberia a man was caught 2 months ago dumping what appeared to be Formaldehyde down a well and this caused Ebola Like Symptoms.

(((((Pray that (Visualize) the rain in the American Southwest continues and that the Evil is forced off planet Earth immediately or made inept immediately.)))))

The Incident on 4 August was reported as such in Liberia today:

As he approached the well to dump the powder into the water  he was mobbed by the people and drug to the police. He then stated: "We Are Many... we have people in Dolostown, Harbel, Cotton Tree.... "

State run radio announced that 10 people died as a result of drinking the Well Water that morning.

Is is any wonder why the people are killing the Red Cross and UN workers there today?

We in America should learn form them.

Activist Post: Man Caught Dumping Formaldehyde in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

Man Caught Dumping Formaldehyde in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms. Ebola vaccines killing many. | Alternative News Network

You Tube Video: BUSTED! Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms - YouTube

1) On The Lighter SIde

US Marines found Old Chemical Weapons Stocks in Syria that were sold by Hillary Clinton to Sadam Heussein (Iraq) way back when she worked for the La Farge COmpany - see IUS Senator Reigels Senatorial Reports.

So - we have Marines On The Ground in Syria - Obama and the main stream media lied again. The Arsenal is part of a dozen moved to the Bacah Valley just before the invasion or Iraq that have not been dismantled yet.

2) Obama said in a speech today (On KIXI Radio) that he would use SWAT Teams to take out those with Ebola. He has gone MAD, utterly insane.

This Insane President of this US Corporation has just given the Go Ahead to use SWAT Teams to shoot Ebola Victims - spreading blood and body parts of those with this 1976 released virus across hte ground?

HIV - released by Heb B Vaccinations in 1972 in Rhodesia by the US Army.

Ebola released in vaccination in Central Africa in 1976 by the US Army.

3) Obama's Trip to Europe was cancelled - Gee Whillikers Batman, I Wonder Why?

Could it be they confirmed the two shooters we talked about waiting for him with High Powered Rifles today in City Of Roses.

This makes - what - 75 assassination attempts we have warned  President Obama doubles about?

4) Today major companies across America are about to go under. These include companies like: Sears,    K-Mart, Penney's and Radio Shack. Our economy has tanked.

5) Russia has agreed to eliminate US Based Oil Companies from their country by forming a Huge Russian Based Oil Company --- but their economy will continue to  tank.

President Vladimir Putin: When the Living GOD, and your personal priest Antonio Valadeko, states you must return your blessings to Russia and pay what you owe them in full (or your Precious Russian Economy will tank) what part of this do you not understand?

Do you need and interpreter?

Deuteronomy 28:1 - Can you not read this in Hebrew, or at least have a Jewish person read it to you out of the Hebrew?

Are you that dull or just stubborn?

The Living GOD will now work on breaking you, so HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Great Article APFN - Liberals Lying Every Where Leading to Deaths Every Where. GOD calls it Murder and HE will now deal with it, so HE has said it, so it shall be. They missed the 12 June deadline set by GOD so now HE has the ability to destroy them.

WatcH the economy and the sun, THe moon and the ground.


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