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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Western Bankers Are In Really Deep Trouble

As you may have noticed - Western Bankers are in really, really big trouble.

(((Please continue to pray for Gentle Continuous Rains in the American South West, that those using chemicals to FRACK and producing GMO Foods are immediately thrown off of Planet Earth, and that the Evil Bankers are also Ejected Immediately from Planet Earth.)))

For over a thousand years the Roman Empire has had their Banking Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

After WW2 the US moved into Frankfurt and under the Marshal Plan we rebuilt the entire Roman Banking Headquarters and seized whatever assets they had and took them to parts unknown. At least 12 Destroyer Escorts filled with gold were coated with "Cosmoline" and sunk in the Mariana's Trench where only US Submarine can access them. Talk to Banjamin Fulford about the Book of Mukulak and the Book of Codes.

For about 6 years and 51 weeks the BRIC Nations have been formed to try and wrestle the Entire Worlds Financial System away from Rome and give it back to the individual nations - but the Western Bankers have resisted this to the T.

As of yesterday the Eastern Bankers, supported by the Dragon Family - who's crest looks allot like earlier Imperial Russian Crest  - is working with someone very powerful not from this planet who is helping them now restore the worlds Financial  System before these Rothchilds actually start WW3.

As of this week the Dragon Family has managed to:

1) Seize Control of the Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Reserve System

2) Seized control of the IMF - the owners of the UN and the US and all US Departments. In other words - the US Controllers are now the Dragon Family.

3)  A New Swift Bank is on line and ready to take control of the world ds trade without seizing 5-10% of the value of all trade world wide.

4) China has just initiated a New IMF.

5) I believe a New UN may be built in Astana, Khazakstan. - time will tell.

6) Bankers standing in the way are dying.


a) Two days ago the head of Deutch Bank SEC Enforcer  Charlie Gambino, hardly a German Name. His uncle  may have been one of my God Fathers. He should have listened to GOD.

b) Thierra Lenge, former head of the iMF, died yesterday.

c) There are many others - but these are the most notable.

As for the Dragon Family - if they too delay on meeting GOD's 12 June Goal very much longer the sane fait will befall their bankers. Does GOD make HIMSELF perfectly clear Dragon Family?

Did you not get the message in your recent Earthquakes?

If not then GOD will step up the anti, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

So what we now have - as tomorrow morning - is an entirely different banking system.

As for the Next False Flag:  Western Rothchilds latest False Flags - Ebola and another attempt on an Obama Double on his planned trip to the Orient 7 November  - forget it --- and forget about the next Nuke attack on NYC 7 the same day. The Fascist Pigs are destroying  the Businesses in New Your faster than any Nuke could do --- just take a look at the New Wine Regulations.

As for the Ebola Crisis: The  660 bags of Ebola seized in New York City labelled "Ebola Haroin" - which contains deadly chemicals that react with the Viruses found in the New GMO) Wheat - the whole world now knows.

Yup - use some Haroin, eat a Cinnamon Roll - and you have "Ebola" like symptoms.

We worked on this kind of this 30 years ago in the Army and now you are trying to kill the Drug Dealers with these Contaminated Drugs to create a "Planned Pandemic." Forget it.

The story was in WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM two days ago - every one knows.

When this hits the Chinese Newspapers you will be laughed at My Rothchilds. You Jesuits are being outsmarted by GOD at every level.

"Kill the Jesuits and you get your country back, your laws back and your money back". Hanz Kovlenback,  Chief Jesuit Murder and General, 15 april 2000.

As for your ISIS - Israeli Special Intelligence Service - and your "Al Kada"   (The name of the Doorway to Lucifer's First Temple at Tel-Dan) - everyone knows YOU fund them and their leaders (60 of them) all have US Passports and returned to the US the day before you began bombing Syria.

(((One of the CIA ISIS Agents tried to shot up Ottawa a few days ago and drove away because your citizens are not armed. Your leaders are prissy little wierdos afraid of their constituents.. much like here in America.)))

Take away your money IMF and their money stops.

Well - with control of the IMF the Dragon Family just might do this.

Further - Russia has now regained all it's mineral rights you stole form them over the last 2 decades.

First the Russians had to fight Fascism and destroy NAZI Germany and now they fight Fascism here in America - so they loose 20 years worth of Mineral Rights.

About 80% of all German Casualties were lost on the Russian Front.

Now what do you suppose the Dragon Family will do with all that money the Fascist US and England stole from Russia since 1990?

All those $300 Trillion Dollars the US Corporation owns in the New York and American Stock Exchanges - enough to pay the Russian Corporation Off 7 times and overflowing on this year of Jubilee?

What do you suppose will happen to the Western Bankstas who stole that money from the Russians and the Dragon Family now that they own the IMF, which owns the CIA?

Do you think you are in really, really big trouble Western Bankstas?

Did you think GOD was kidding when he said put six zeroes in my account, Russian Passport aa-00023?

You Western Bankstas are either MAD or really, really, really  Suicidal.

Either way - we here at the bottom will enjoy the show. For every Banksta we see die - 100 doe unnoticed.

Who's Next?

Look up Bankstas - You are in really Big Trouble with GOD.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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