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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Butterfly

(A) The Butterfly - they have gone too far.

(((((Please keep praying (Visualizing) for rain in the American Southwest, and that the Evil is purged from Planet Earth - including those who have taken over the world's banking system for evil purposes --- Evil being defined as: Murder, Adultery, child Rape, Etc.)))))

These GMO food manufacturers have gone to far.

If you go to you will find a Large Butterfly Bandaid made to stuff up your Proboscus and  glue your rear end shut so as to avoid Leaky Bowels.

In other words - to put it crudely - the GMO food is so bad that the industry has created a piece of soft Duct Tape to tape your rear end up so you do not leak poop!

Yuck - Thye have gone too far and now it is GOD's turn to deal with them ever so harshly.

Monsanto does not care if they loose $156 Million due to declining GMO Sales - what they loose up front they make up in the back end.

Further - they are so in bed with the US Corporation they will more than likely apply for grants to cover their losses. They have in the past and are more than likely to do it again. They can get re-imbursed for killing people through things such as "Agricultural Subsidies" and "Agricultural Grants".

Pray - visualize - that those who make and manufacture GMO foods go bankrupt immediately - that NO One buys their products.

(B) More Main Stream Media Lies:

As for the news, there are three CNN stories in recent weeks I have tracked that are completely fales. If you believe ANY TV News you are a misled.

1) The recent Huge Hurricane that hit Tokyo - showing Huge Waves and Floods in Japan - totally made up. Japan and some heavy rains and that is all. The films were a complete hoax. Go back and chekc hte weather from the japanese TV stations - Mainstream Media (CNN, Wall Street Journal)  Lie #1

2) On Monday CNN talked about the SNOW in the Pacific Northwest - snow levels down to 5,000 feet. Yesterday it was 75 degrees in Tacoma - NO SNOW. Mainstream Media Lie #2.

3) Yesterday CNN reported SNOW in Hawaii - it was 88 Degrees in Honolulu today. Main Stream Media Lie #3.

Shall we discuss the treatment of Ebola - initially released 4 years after HIV to control the Rothchild's Rioting Diamond Miners and was spread through vaccinations - who CURE was given in US Army Field Manual FM-8-33?

(C) Missing Nukes:

After posting the Where Abouts of a missing Nuke from Colorado the Dragon Family broke off negotiations  with the Bank of International Settlements (Run By Vatican Trust). The BIS runs the Frankfurt Bankstas who run the Rothchilds in London, who own the IMF and US Corporation and the UN Corporation

You cannot negotiate with Evil - it must be removed or destroyed. they see Good as stupid, timid and easily double crossed - and they are.

By the way - there is not 1 missing Nuke but 7 in that particular arsenal.

When the US contracted out to manufacture Mustard Gas Artillery Shells in WW2 they were tested for content. One in 10 were found to contain molasses - not Mustard Gas.

In the same way - 7 of these artillery shells were filled with FAKE nukes. The real question is - where are the other 7 nukes made for this artillery shells?

What about the other Nuclear storage Facilities. How many Nukes are Fake there?

As for the recent  Nuke missing from Coloradoas reported in Sorcha - it is now contained in Halifax -


If you recall when 60 Minutes many years ago Dan Rather tried to purchase a former Soviet nuke and they had a Former Soviet Colonel show you where he buried one in his mothers garden?

Well - the Rothchilds are now combing Eastern Europe and buying up all of these old Nukes "Buried in Gardens" - the ones the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) missed.

The NEI did, however, purchase 15,000 Nukes but apparently missed quite a few.

funny - 20 years ago we had phones like the New Smart Phones - batteries lasted 7 dyas and we could read down 100 feet for minerals, caves, etc. You would think that NATO would have been smart enough to use these tools to find all these "Nukes Buried in Gardens" right?

Nope. They Forgot.

Apparently the Rothchilds now have a whole new supply of Nukes to terrorize this planet with.

(D) Bansta Fights:

This fight for control of the Banking system, combined with the deaths of some very key players recently (Like Lady Rothchilds) is causing some pretty severe infighting amoungst the Western Banstas. The Mafia is apparently fighting go for an ever shrinking market and their deaths will now accelerate, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come and will continue to rise until they meet their 12 June Goals set by GOD.

It should be exciting times soon. FOr example:

1) Brazil should opt to lower the value of their currency to help stabilize it - not likely another FLlight 447 created by the US to scare Brazil into compliance. If that happens the Living GOD may destroy Langley - not joking.

2) Expect an Earthquake soon in Moscow and some bad and weird weather in St Petersburg to remind them of what GOD has told their leaders. So HE has spoken, os it shall be.

3) US Nuclear fleet - 65,000 and growing and owned by the IMF - a bank. A Nuclear Armed bank controlled out of London. Thomas Jefferson warned us of that, did he not?

(F) Aluminum Dust and Vitamin D Deficiency

We showed a Presidential Proclamation by then President Bush 8 years ago that mandated putting Aluminum Dust on all jet fuel to counter Global Warming,

The Aluminum Dust blocks the light frequencies needed to make Vitamin D.

Remember Folks - It's All George Bush's Fault

(G) Go GOD God:

A personal Note: Today I raised my hands in a Dental Office and stated the sun will now spit fire. We checked 30 Minutes Later - check it ourt at or

We had an M Class Flare and Magnetic Storm begin - yes begin  - which GOD says will be very large.

Whatever GOD I serve is able to change the sun in minutes and I now have 3 dental workwers who were stunned.

Ask those who work on Channel 77 on all Day Live, Call For Investigation or Don Grahams Show.

Go GOD Go.

The News You Must Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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