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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Maybe We Should Be More Grateful

We are bombarded constantly with Negative News and it effects us in a very negative way.

(((Continue to pray (Visualize) that the Evil of Planet Earth becomes unable to function and the the American South West and Northern Mexico get Continual, Gentle Rains from this day forward.)))

We turn on the raid, read the papers, watch TV - continual bad news.

The market is down, sales are down, the weather is bad, the CIA shoots up someone in Canada, the US kills Syrians, Obama sends troops to Iraq to kill and destroy, Bill Gates funding vaccinations to kill children and campaigns to take away your rights to own a gun, the US is bombing Syria and Iraq and .......... it goes on and on.

Just pray with us that GOD kills these evil folks - he killed another Banksta a few days ago - the head of a huge French Oil Company. Pray about it and give it to GOD. Western Bankstas are dying in droves and beginning to get scared - the BRIC nations are putting pressure on them - they refused to do as GOD directed them on 12 June and until they do they will continue to pay the price.

Pray, give it to GOD, and let these Cowards kill each other.

Then be grateful for what YOU have.

Yesterday we went to Seattle's Pike's Place Market  and sat in a tiny Ma and Pa deli and ate some cheese. We looked out the window and there was a guy searching the garbage cans for food. He would carefully open each garbage bag looking for anything he could eat. He had not had a bath in weeks and his teeth looked horrible.

We watched him dig for the sandwiches  and looked around knowing we could buy more clean cheese meat, fruit - or whatever we desired. We could sit there in the restaurant and eat until we were very full.

We knew we were going home to a place we can heat to at least 68 degrees.

Our clothes were clean and we did not stink to High Heaven.

My wife's cancers and high blood pressures are gone so she feels pretty good at 62.

Our teeth do not hurt - for the most part.

We have glasses to see with that work - for the most part. Mine are about 5 years old - but we will fix that soon.

We were dry and warm and did not itch.

We knew we had a bed to sleep in with clean sheets and no fleas - not some cardboard box under a freeway over pass.

We knew that when we got home we could eat hot food and drink clean water.

OK - there are allot of really bad things going on out there - but be thankful for what you have.

Seven years ago I was homeless for 5 months while I tried to determine why the FBI Freaks stole my money and put someone in my home - it stank. You do not really appreciate a warm place to live until you do not have one.

Yesterday it got rainy and cold in Seattle as the sun set as we watched this homeless man dig for food.

There was nothing we could do for him - all he wanted from us was cash to buy booze.

So be grateful for what YOU have and take care to guard it well. DO not let someone like Bill Gates take it from you.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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