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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Cure For Ebola Update 2

So you think you are sick with something that resembles a Super Virus - like Ebola?

You are sure it is not the poison Homeland Security is putting in the water to make you sick like they are doing over seas?

Here is the latest treatment that may bring some relief to you - heck, it might even cure this CDC Super Bug:

So - what do you do if you get sick:

1) Stop drinking the water - the disease is activated by a water poison that then activates a disease connected to GMO Wheat and Corn. Do not even wash with it - except in hte washing machine and dryer. Sponge bath with uncontaminated water.

Yes - the outbreaks are located around wells, and now municipalities, contaminated by the Department of Homeland Security.

2) Stop eating any Genetically Modified Foods.

3) Stop eating Meat - 80% of it is gassed with Carbon Monoxide. Eat only Organically grown, and packed, meat.

4) Stop eating Chemicals like MSG (Kills Nerves) and Propyline Glycol - which is a cattle fatner.

5) Do not eat artificial sweetners - or even Corn Syrup. Stevia and Cane Sugars are OK.

6) No Canola Oil - it shuts your liver down.

7) Add to your diet Sea Weed and Immusist.

8) Disconnect your TV as frequency generated through the TV can activate these 300+ diseases attached to the GMO wheat and 100+ diseases attached to the GMO corn.

Do you think the FDA Genetically modified these foods to help you - are you an idiot?

If you are a grower that grows GMO wheat you are dumber than a rock - Spelt Pays better and you can make more money growing it. Call me and I will show you how to fertilize and increase your Spelt production by 30% with NO pesticides and herbicides and your watering should go down considerably.

These products are made to make you sick and die and now is the time the NWO is activating them so stop eating them.

Besides - I have lost 80 pounds following by going Organic and adding Sew Weed and Immusist.

So now you know how to cure Ebola, cancer, HIV, Autism, etc.

If the VA can say they can cure cancer with a 1% cure rate for 10 years, and the clinics we have followed in designing these cures have a 95% Cure rate for 10 years fir all cancers - then I guess we can say "CURE" as well - can't we FDA, CDC, ABCDEFG Agencies?

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