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Thursday, May 19, 2016

US Seizing Gold and Silver Mines Across America



It appears that US Silver and Gold Mines are being seized across the nation

The reasons for these DIRECTED Seizures seem to fall into several categories:

1) Law Suits --- where the court just shut down an outlet or the mine itself

2) A “Federal Agency” (Foreign Owned Corporation) like the EPA just walks in and shuts it down

3) Operating costs are higher that their sales. Thus by suppressing Gold and Silver prices these Bankrupt Mines can be purchased by the Rothchilds bankers - this is a real problem today

One gold miner told me he was threatened by Bankstas to sell his mine to them or end up dead

3) The permits needed to open a mine are incredible - my experience with the US Forest Service so after a mine is “Mined Out” you cannot reopen it or start a new one

4) In a Sick move by the Department of Energy one truck driver form Hanford Nuclear Reservation and another Combat Engineer of mine stated that they dump their Nuclear Waste (Dissolved Nuclear Rods) down at least a dozen old mine shafts on the Spokane Indian Reservation  -- a fact confirmed by their Water Department. So - how do you reactivate a Silver mine that is highly radioactive?

Now - let’s see what the price of Gold and Silver should be by looking at the US Debt Clock

Without input of New Gold and Silver into the US markets Obama has set this nation up for a complete economic Melt Down

Wake Up America and pray that every thing the New World Order does fails starting right now.

Every thing

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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