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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hillary's Emails Released - She Has Taken America Down

Hillary’s Emails Exposed - She Has Taken America Down

Video: Hillary's Emails Exposed - She Has Taken America Down - YouTube

Hillary participated in the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Hillary sold Nuclear/Biological and Chemical Weapons to Sadam Hussein in Iraq (A CIA Employee) through the La Farge Company that killed 200,000 of our soldiers
- Senator Riegle put out a US Senate report on this and fined the La Farge Corporation $5,000 for violation of the Commerce Act

When Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed Hillary and President Barack Hussein Obama blocked rescue forces from intervening - it was all over the press

These reports - and films of the weapons found in Iraq - can be ordered from the Websites of Captain Joyce Riley at the Power Hour - we will leave the link

Now your “Erased” emails have been hacked and are in the hands of both the FBI and Russian TV

Wikileaks alone has released over 30,000 of Hillary’s  Emials

Even Hillary’s  “Husband” stated “If you win the election I am leaving the country”

Bernie asked Hillary - “If you are indicted will you leave the race”

To which Hillary replied -”Oh Bernie, you know that’s never gonna happen”

She feels so superior to the law and that she can do anything and get away with it - from mass murder of our troops to destroying America through Back Door Deals
If  President Obama and the US Attorney’s General Loretta Lynch block Hillary’s  immediate prosecution for murder and Treason against the United States Corporation then the Living GOD will go after those who block it

Hillary and her doubles are going down, so GOD has stated it, so it shall be.

Much of this may be theater to hide the fact that US Treasury Bonds are now in default
This Hillary Mess and The Saga Of  Donald Trump is like watching a Reality TV Show to take our eyes off the real story - we are broke and no one is accepting the dollar

Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is Unincorporated so the Bonds they defaulted on must be  US Treasury Bonds

A good example of what is really going on is that when the US Navy was denied access to the Port in Hong Kong this week it was because China no longer accept the US Dollar - Fuel and Docking Fees must now be paid in Silver or Gold.
So - how is the military going to get new parts for their ships, tanks, and Nuclear Weapons if they are all made in China?

We have been screaming about this for years

In fact we had a meeting way back in 1991 with the Command Staff of the Washington State National Guard Association as a young Lieutenant and again with the Army Reserve Center in Seattle in 1995 about this very fact - and the Joint Chiefs of Staff poopooed these thoughts presented to them by these Three Star Generals

Now here we are

You see - the Dollar and US Treasury Bonds are not being accepted by people around the world - not even by the US Navy

Pray that those who have committed Treason in our Government are immediately contained for life

Get your family ready for what is coming

Like Jim Willie says - clean out our Safe Deposit Boxes and Bank Accounts - They belong to the Banks. If the bank goes down you loose everything

Paper Money may be declared fairly worthless

Watch the video Be Ready

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Obama Executive Order 16303 - you are SLAVES

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