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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ship Leaves Tacoma Loaded - Dollar Refused


Video: Ship Leaves Tacoma Loaded - They Refused The Dollar - YouTube

It is one thing to talk about, it is another to actually see it happen

Most of Europe and several south American Nations - like Brazil that recently had a US Sponsored Coup -  are still accepting the US Dollar and a few International Corporations so things have not hit Critical Mass yet.

Yes - the Brazilian Coup was sponsored by the US and done using the CIA

A Rather Bloodless Coup - they will now obey their masters in London

Brazil is the second largest economy in the Western Hemisphere and boasts a $2 Trillion Dollar Economy.

Their loss to the BRICS Nations signals a huge change in international policies and in the acceptance of the US Dollar. The CIA Coup in Brazil was so successful that the nation is even planning on putting it’s last president in jail for participating in the BRICS Treaty.

So for now the BRICS will be the RICS nations as the BRICS Treaty has been temporarily placed on hold in Brazil

We shall see how the rest of the BRICS respond

One more step closer to the nation states as described in the book “1984”

Maybe things will just keep going and we have nothing to worry about - we can only hope and pray

Be ready folks

We have been shown what is coming.

There is a story in the Bible about 10 virgins - 5 had extra oil, 5 did not

Those with extra oil were taken in an married while the 5 without extra oil had to go to town and buy more oil for their lamps and when they returned they were left out in the cold

Be ready folks -

For posterity - the VW XL1 gets 280 MPG - that’s 280 MPG using diesel -- not available in US. It’s in Wikipedia under Volkswagen 1-liter car

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

VW XL1 - 280 MPG:

Volkswagen 1-litre car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Fact Sheet: The U.S.-Brazil Economic Relationship |

New President of Brazil, Michel Temer, Signals More Conservative Shift - The New York Times

Higher Prices In Brazil in 1946 after a US Sponsored Coup in 1945

Second Brazilian Republic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prices Rise in 1946 in Brazil - so history repeats itself

October 14, 1946 - INFLATION PUTS BRAZILIAN FOOD ON A SKYROCKET | Chicago Tribune Archive

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