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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Financial End Game Is Here US Savings Bonds Have Defaulted

The Financial Endgame Is Here

Video: Financial End Game Is Here - YouTube

Her is what is happening before our very eyes as you loose your savings and ability to work

1) European Nations have been forced into debt. Their Sovereign Bank Bonds  (Backed by the Vatican Trust - Note the Roman Laurels on most bonds) are no longer payable.

2) The European Central Bank will now Purchase these “Bonds” in Europe ------ just as the Federal Reserve Bank has stepped in to but US Treasury Bonds, both owned by the Rothchilds which are the Bauery Boys from Frankfurt Banks, which all  answer to Rome - the Vatican Trust.

3) Thus the European Central Banks will control all of Europe just as the Federal Reserve Bank controls all of North America.

4) The BRICS nations will center around Astana Kazakhstan and include all Asian Nations and wiill be controlled out of Rome.

5) The United States Economy will now begin to crash and the nation will be put in absolute turmoil and the North American Zone is formed and we all become slaves to those running the nation living under Denver

6) Thus, as in the book 1984, three great land masses will be run by 3 dictators and will be at constant war with each other - not to take land but to keep people in constant bondage.

7) History will be changed to reflect whatever the Ruling Class wants it to say.

8) Soldiers at war will become your “Heroes” but when they return will be terminated by corporations like the Veteran’s Administration so they do not speak out and tell the truth.

9) You will have the Right to do as you are told and be happy. You will drink their drugs, eat their drugs and loose your ability to think through the Television Frequencies. You will do exactly what the television tells you to do.

10) Populations will be controlled through drugs in your food and through spraying overhead by US Planes. Also - there will be planned regional disasters to terminate regions.

11) Population will be brought down to between 500 Million to 1 Billion people through man made disasters and US/NATO Planned Terrorist Attacks -

IE - A “Gas Drill” in the New Your Tunnels planned for next week so expect a real Poisonous Gas Leakin about 45 days orchestrated through Homeland Security and the CIA

12) You will be a happy little slave

You will not complain or protest or you will be sent away - far away - and never return. There are over 800 FEMA camps nation wide.

Army Regulation 210 - the US Army is authorized to have a Prison Labor Force of 10 Million

The Mark Of The Beast Is Not The Chip - God knows who you are and no chip can remove your relationship with the Living God - it is the New Flag you will Pledge Allegiance to.

Most people will worship the Image Of The Beast openly and even fly the New Flag
Pray that those leading this charge are completely and immediately immobilized for life and their plans are completely blocked by GOD

Please also pray that those blocking your ability to get this information through this channel are immobilized for life

Pray for your families

Prepare for what is coming

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The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The New Flag ready To Be Produced In Mass your children will be taught to worship:


Image result for new north american Union flag already in production

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Puerto Rican Bonds are US Savings Bonds - they are in DEFAULT...

People of Puerto Rico

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