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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Heat Waves Melt Roads Across The Globe


Video: Heat Wave Cause Roads To Melt - The Sun Has Gone Nuts - YouTube

A Heat wave caused roads to  melt in India and the United Kingdom last May?

So what is going on with the sun?

Remember when we were kids the sun was yellow in color ?

The sun is now white - so - what is going on?

In 1993 the Sun began to burn more Helium than Hydrogen and so not only is the structure of the Sun changing but so are the wavelengths that  now are hitting the Earth.

Ever notice that on a cold day it can feel like your arm is burning even though the 60th and 55 Airwing, Drysden Air (NASA) are not creating Chemtrails?

The sun is now different, and it feels different.

Within the last 10 years the amount of solar energy that is coming into my 480 Watt Solar System has doubled. Thus - my paycheck has also increased. On a $7,500 investment I make a whopping $120/year.

((((Not to downgrade solar of course - and if I spent another $1,500 on Panels that would increase my income to around $500/year .  Thus on a $9,000 investment I would yield a $500 payout - a 6% return on investment and have more power if we had a Power Outage. New systems are actually cheaper now ))))

So as the sun changes we see more strange effects in plants, roads, etc.

As a Forester and then Army Engineer I have put in allot of roads - from steep mountain roads using Calcium to stabilize the roadbeds and Lignin on top of the road beds with a 6% grade to paving roads with Cement or Tar to repairing airfields.

About 50 years ago we had heat waves where I lived just East of San Francisco and the Asphalt would occasionally melt and bubble. Not a big thing - but it made walking to school one pain in the rear.

You do not use asphalt in areas that exceed 120* Fahrenheit as it melts. Now that the sun is changing take that down about 20 degrees. What you use is the Road Surface they use just North of Lake Tahoe out of Susan Ville - high grade Tar with allot of rock in it and if you screw up this rock surface can be added later.

What we are looking at that is melting is a Tar with very little aggregate in it - almost no small rocks - just pure asphalt. So we have a combination of Stupid Road Engineers and a change in the sun.

The solution is to add fine aggregate to the tar and/or add cement dust to the melting Tar to stabilize it. Period.
For you Intel Geeks:

1) Queen Elizabeth has stated she needs to resign or WW3 will happen - she dies

2) The Drop Dead Date for killing and replacing these Bankstas one at a time (Including Congress, Senate, Dumas, etc) is 1 June when the dollar cracks. They have exactly exactly 60 hours to comply and do all that GOD has stated they must do.

3) It does not matter  what they promise or what else they do. They were given certain things they needed to do by 1 June or things will be set in place to skin them alive and replace them - this will not be changed by the Living GOD.  So HE has said it, so it shall be.

The White Dragons cannot change this.

The Red Dragon Family cannot change this.

Queen Elizabeth cannot change this.

The US Military cannot change this.

Intel Geeks - do you understand this????

2) The White Dragons put a hit our on the Rothchilds on the 24th of May and right before they were going to nail him to an Ashera Pole in Zug Switzerland he called the White Dragons to “Negotiate”  - we shall see. You cannot `trust Evil - you must contain it or destroy it.

The White Dragons have put out a Reward of 1 ton of Gold Payoff to “Persuade” Nathan Rothchilds to “Negotiate”  a surrender - and he did.

The gold will now be redirected to feed those who can not afford rice.

On a side note:

Mars and the Moon both have a breathable atmosphere - the Holograms are coming down

Enough….your attempt to Nuke 3 cities (Chicago, NYC, DC) by submarine 27 Aug will be stopped.

When President Putin stated the Dollar will die 28 May on Russian TV he lied and the ripple effect of this lie is enormous.

Pray that the Evil is thrown off this planet immediately

Pray that your families are safe, warm, well fed and healthy.

Look below this story - prepare.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The UK heatwave is on its way...

India’s roads melt as record-breaking heat wave continues | Asia | News | The Independent

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India heatwave

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