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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strange Orbs Surround The Sun


Video:Strange Orbs Surround The Sun and Hillary On Trial - YouTube

Rather than discussing the current WAR CRIME TRIALS against Hillary in Russia for killing 2 Ambassadors, killing hundreds of innocent people,  conspiring to create 9/11 and selling  Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Weapons to Iraq through the La Farge Corporation that killed over 200,000 US soldiers and Veterans During the Iraq War we thought we would do in another direction

As a personal note - Russia would not try Hillary for War Crimes unless they already had enough evidence to hang her form the highest Yard Arm
We though we would show you the strange ORBS surrounding the sun

Pray for your families

Be ready

Watch the video BE READY - Time is short

Strange Orbss appearing every where???

ORKlamouth11feb15 #2

Orbs with Rings around them....

ORKlamouth11feb15 #3

Switch Hitter Hillary Gazes At Strange Orbs, Ha Ha Ha...

Filer's Files # 12 - 2015 Pilots Are Afraid To Report Sightings - National UFO Center

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  1. We have pictures of this same things taken this even 6pm MST in northern AZ