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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unbelievable Political Developments Over Last 2 Days


Video:Unbelievable Political Developments In The Last 2 Days - YouTube

In an Unbelievable series of events the United States Corporate Government  has been made to look like a bunch of wimpy unbelievable fools

“Keystone Cops”

“Bumbling Boobs”

Not including Ted Cruz’s Wife allowing US Treasury Notes (Savings Bonds) to default through Puerto Rico:

First - in an unprecedented act the Obama Administration has refused to allow the Benghazi Ring Leader to be given the Death Penalty

Hillary - the one who ordered the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with the  death of  Ambassador Sinichi Nishimiya (Japanese Ambassador to China)  the  same day is a Presidential Candidate?????

In the Last Days Right will be Wrong and Wrong will be Right

Second - while mustering additional support Secretary Of State John Kerry #2 had his face Rearranged in Rome --Again

No one trusts the United States Leadership

No one will put up with their constant War Making

It is the US Corporate Government that is the problem and we need to pray they are severely reduced in size due to budget constraints

Intel Community:

One last note - I have been texted, Emailed and called about a threat to Donald Trump by Hillary 23 May 2016 (+-3Days) - another Hillary Sniper.

Pray that those who are trying to Kill Donald Trump are themselves caught in their own traps.
Hillary and your doubles - 1 June. You have committed murder, killed two Ambassadors and murdered 200,000 Soldiers who were exposed to your Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons you sold Iraq through the La Farge Company.

Hillary - Your Question And Answer Periods are a joke - especially in your latest answer to Benghazi and the failed Health Care System - couldn’t answer could you?????

In Hillary’s Emails she has demanded Nuclear War over and over again - planning to Nuke the Family of Nations - Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria in a pre-emptive strike because she does not like their policies. She and her handlers are  insane and suicidal and now the world knows.

Hillary’s Handlers  - there a price for reducing the hits of those who tell the truth on You Tube and in the Print Media. GOD will  now deal with those who are doing this ever so harshly. So HE has said it, so it shall be.
Pray that she, and all her doubles, are dealt with by the Living GOD immediately for her crimes.

John Kerry Almost Beaten Up in Rome for Fostering the Expansion of ISIS - Fort Russ

Benghazi Attack Ringleader Will Not Face Death Penalty - TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles

Japan's ambassador to China dies amid rising tensions - Telegraph

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