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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Coming To America - Venezuelan Economy


What is planned for America is the same things we now see in Venezuela

Please Get Ready

Video:Coming To America - Venezuelan Economy - YouTube


It seems as if our own government is now the instrument of our own destruction

This is a very hard concept to swallow

All Governments (Except London, Russia, Hutt River, Sea Land) are run by Corporations controlled by the United Nations and do as they are told via treaties.

Thus the Governments of the world have been ordered what to spend their money on, what they can produce, import. Export, etc.

For example: The US has enough oil under the Mississippi River to run the world for over 100 years - nice, sweet crude - but it is not allowed to be pumped. This creates a deficit internationally that has now led to the destruction of our economy via the United Nations.

Something happened when President Kennedy was shot in 1963 - a huge CIA take over of the nation, music turned bad, morals plummeted,  Our Nation started going into debt -- our nation went “Cadywhompus”
What we are seeing in Venezuela what we will soon see here and is a combination of:

1) US interference due to a Cocaine War in the Jungles of Columbia and Venezuela which creates cash for the CIA to kill and destroy worldwide

2) China buying up most of their farmland and shipping 1/3rd of their produce to China --- which is being allowed to happen here as we speak

3) China’s Need for Cheap Oil - since they have plenty of it

4) Corrupt Government - taking Bribes and not giving the Oil Profits to the people

5) Elimination of Welfare and Mental Disability and Refugee Pay - now what happens when half the mother in a country loose their welfare???

6) Social Security is considered a “RIGHT” under UN treaties but raises in Social Security and Old Age Pensions are not a “Right.”
The average amount of Social Security people receive is about 1,600 Bolivar a month --- which 3 years ago was worth about $600/month and is now worth $160.

7) So pensions funds were seized and the people are now given Social Security - A “Human Rights” issue.

Could you live on $160 per month???

These words must now be heeded:

Karl Marx Communist Doctrine: “”Any government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take it away - and it will eventually do that””

Benjamin Franklin: “”Man is inherently evil, thus are  Governments. Therefore it is necessary to keep the Governments as small as possible to limit their evil actions””

Hitler’s NAZI Mantra: “” The need of the many over the rights of the individual””

General Jackson’s and Lee’s Warning in 1862: “”This war is about individual rights over commerce - the control of the people by large European Corporations. If the North Wins they will try and control the world through their corporations. “ “

Obama: We will have 10,000 Muslim Refugees inside the US by 9/11 of this year (2016)

Henry Kissinger and Adolf Hitler: Control Oil And You Control Nations. Control Food And You Control The Population

Follow The Money: The same forces that stripped China of her Gold form 1717 to 1945 through Opium Imports are now stripping the Unites States and Canada of their wealth through the Federal Reserve
System and Cocaine Imports

Follow The Money - and it leads back to the Unholy alliance of Bankstas in Rome, Jerusalem, Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York and DC as Protected by the Jesuit Scum and the Cocaine Import Agency - CIA

Remember: Zeig Heil, all Hail Lucifer (Hitler) in WW2???

Same People - Different Decade

What is happening there - food riots, Massive  Homelessness, people eating their neighbor’s pets … CIA Agents agitating the riots…is planned for here

Pray that those destroying America and Freedom are themselves destroyed immediately and their plans fail.

Prepare - Get your family ready for what is to come. Be like your Grandfather the Farmer - Prepare.

Watch the video BE READY
Almost Forgot Intel Folks:

June 17th,  Another 35KT Present From the Rothchilds, Deepest Part Of Old Subway Under New York - “The Hollow City” and a shooter to take out Obama #3, the Moron - he is a liability.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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