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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cruz Afraid Of Exposure Drops Out Of Race

Why Ted Cruz Dropped Out Of The Race

The Real Reason Cruz Drops Out Of The Race - YouTube

Why did Senator Ted Cruz drop out of the Presidential Race?

The truth is coming out and it is destroying Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton - they are absolute scum.

1st) Ted Cruz lost the last 7 Republican Primaries and that means Donald Trump is assured the win as the Republican Candidate

Ted Cruz is still accepting donations to his political campaign even  though he has resigned. Are you surprised?

2nd) Donald has hired a team of lawyers and is threatening to sew any State GOP Party that commits fraud against it’s voters - so if the Exit Polls indicate Donald won 80% of the votes but the results come out with a Cruz win he is already to file suit.

3rd) Ted Cruz was sworn in as a US Senator by VP Biden as a Canadian Citizen - making both Cruz and Biden guilty of conspiring against the US Corporation once this news was released.

Keep in mind Hillary was sworn in as a New York Senator even though she never lived in New York  by VP Al Gore - thus making them both guilty of Conspiracy to bring down the US Corporation.

As a member of the Joint Economic Committee - he was directly responsible for these Treasury Bonds issued through the Unincorporated Puerto Rico and  thus their eminent default of these US Treasury Bonds.

In other words - as soon as the US Treasury Bonds issued through Puerto Rico Defaulted he resigned.

4th) There seems to be a connection to Ted Cruz and the Defaulting of US Treasury Bonds 36 hours ago - Since he is on the Joint Economic Committee and was more that likey partly responsible for the US Treasury Notes that defaulted 36 hours ago issued through Unincorporated Puerto Rico.

5) The Caveat  Emptor- his the National Enquirer shows a picture of his father - Rafael Cruz - handing out Pro-Castro pamphlets in 1963 with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans- a known CIA Agent.

6) Since Ted Cruz’s wife was a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and is now a Regional Director of Goldman Sachs - perhaps the were also part of this Treasury Bond Default which now implicates Ted.

7) Perhaps that is why he punched and elbowed his wife after is resignation speech?

8) A little history  about Ted Cruz’s Father Rafael Cruz: He was born in Puerto Rico and was seen passing out Pro-Castro literature with Lee Harvey Oswald and then went to work for Zapata Oil a company owned by George Bush Sr.

9) Zapata Oil, Bush, Bay of Pigs, Bin Laden Oil - all names that ring a bell?????

Allot of questions and no answers.

10) Rick Wiles of True News called both Rafael Cruz and Ted Cruz and offered to have them on the program and got no answer.

11) Governor John Kasich will announce his resignation from the Republican Campaign tonight. He is so dirty -- but that is for another story and another time.

GOD has stated: Those who come against Donald Trump and against America are now cursed by the Living God, so HE has said it so it shall be. They will be cursed hen they rise and when they lay down. They will be cursed in all that they do form now until eternity.

The Muslims that came to America and now vow to take her down are cursed by the living GOD now and for all eternity. Their wives will be cursed , their children to the 5th generation will be cursed in all they do. Those who support them will be cursed and those who bring them into America in violation of a 1957 law will be cursed is all that they do. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

These curses will be in every aspect of life:  financially, in their health and in their personal relationships.
Future Events:

MK Ultra Reps state that by September the US will be in a full scale rebellion - Road Check Points, Mandatory Chipping. At that point US Military funding is scheduled to go up 250% as the dollar crashes.

Keep in mind that something is going on as 3 Japanese Underground Bases were just destroyed by the US Corporation about 10 days ago and there was a large explosion at Edwards Air Force Base Bout 5 days ago in their S-4 Supply are - area 51.

GOD is now going to make the 6 CERNs go haywire as the Illuminati tries to open up Gateways to escape through.

Apparently a large number of very high ranking Illuminati tried to leave this planet and they are now scattered across the Solar System as of  21 April.

There is a large amount of Methane as just under the Gulf of Mexico the US Corporation is attempting to blow - if this is detonated life on, and in,  Planet Earth will cease.

Pray that these plans to blow the Methane Pocket fail.

Finally - there will be 3 open attempts to kill Obama and one to kill Biden before the elections in November. Obama was stupid enough to allow Muslims to be hired into his White House. Maybe he deserves what he gets?

Obama: 11 Aug, 12 Sep and around 3 November buy a Muslim Woman. (+-3 Days)

Biden: 12 Sep - this may be a Nuke brought in by White House Staff Car driven by - yes -a Muslim (Mohamidian) man who practices his religion with a group of fanatics. The FBI has infiltrated this outfit and, in part, has funded it. FBI - Take it down along with the 39 Muslim Military Training Camps in America or GOD will deal with you ever so harshly. Does HE make HIMSELF perfectly clear FBI Director?

Air Force 2 - fix that Engine - actually - just replace it.

Pray for your families

Watch the video BE READY

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Thank You To Each And Every Viewer

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