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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Intel Report - Just Get Ready


Video: Intel Report - It Does Not Look Good - YouTube

I have had severe pressure put on me to get this briefing out

1) Putin believes the US Dollar will crash in 3 days, but what does he know, right?

2) A member of our Intel Community believes the entire US System will crash 1 June - Completely - but what does the CIA know

3) GOD said 9 years ago to the day that if the current Demon Possessed Leaders do not do as GOD has directed - which means the people have to repent and turn back to GOD through HIS son - then:

    A) January the White House will  go Insane - and it did
    B) May - The Dollar will begin to have severe problems - and it has
    C) 1 June - The Dollar will begin to crack
     D) July/Aug it will get very bad
     E) Another attempt on Obama 17 Aug and riots are set to go, 27 Aug another           attempted nuking of DC, NYC, Chicago from a Submarine scheduled to be about 25 miles North East of NYC Harbor at about 200 feet. This can be stopped by shutting down the private underwater submarine bases owned by the Rothchilds
     F) Rioting for food will begin by August/September
     G) Banks will begin seizing money from your accounts (Bail Ins) by mid September
     H) Systematic Break Down of the economy by Mid-October World Wide

None of this sounds very good, does it?

It does not appear that folks across this nation are ready to throw out their TV and turn totally to GOD - they still worship that Little Black Box. There are devices in your TV that will not allow you to turn to GOD 100%  as long as the TV is in your home, period.

So expect GOD to now act - starting now.

So - we are trying to get people ready by showing them how to cook, what water filters they can buy - and get ready for what  the US is doing to Venezuela to come here.

Bernie Sanders Scenario: Venezuela is there to show the world exactly what happens when a Nazhional Zozhleesm (NAZI, Fascism) runs it’s course and runs out of other people’s money and what may now happen to the America

It is already  happening in Canada as you read this

The FEMA camps in the US and Canada are set up for those who loot and riot and  once you go in you do not come out

Get ready - our food is delivered to our home and we do not need tro go to the Grocery Store except

By the way - the Computer Program  that handles the Verachip Data has a really bad bug - GOD is destroying it piece by piece

One last note - the Thumb Print, Computer Chips - all are not the mark of the Beast. It is a Spiritual Mark not a Physical Mark. They can tattoo you, mark you, replace a tooth with a chip in it - nothing on Heaven and Earth can separate you from the love of GOD through HIS son Yeshua ---- nothing.

Look below for links on what to buy to be ready.

Pray and turn back to GOD

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