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Monday, May 2, 2016

Puerto Rico Defauts On Its Bonds Today

Puerto Rico Officially Declares Bankruptcy Today

In a Bizaare move the Nation (Corporation) of Puerto Rico refuses to pay $370 Million on Bond  interest payments as of 5PM Eastern Standard Time

Video::: Puerto Rico Defaults On Its Bonds - YouTube

On a call to the US Senate Finance Committee, to Senator Orrin Hatch’s Office and Senator Wyden’s Office this Ambassador has learned that the Corporation of Puerto Rico has already defaulted on it’s bonds months ago.

So the Default has already happened.
History of Puerto Rico and US Laws

Set up as a corporation under the Spanish Flag as a Catholic Nation August 8th 1508 under the Law of Nations and the Austrian Courts.

Fast forward to the Spanish American War when the US Seized the Spanish Colonies and made them US Colonies, thus these nations like the Philippines and Puerto Rico were Incorporated in 1914 just after the start of World War 1.

In 1920 - Directly after World War 1  and as a result of the Paris Peace Accord -  the Law of Nations and Austrian Courts were moved to the League of Nations located in Geneva Switzerland. Only 56 nations ever joined the League.

9 March 1933 the United States Corporation entered Bankruptcy - note the Circle on the Old 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s.

That same day the Trading with the Enemies Act was passed and American Citizens became the enemies of the United States Corporation and Businesses Licenses were then required to conduct business in your own nation

On 14 July 1944 Under the Bretton Woods Agreement the United States Corporation came under the Redevelopment of the IMF (USC 2, Sec 286) - It’s US Code, not Conspiracy Stuff

1 January 1942 - 26 nations at war with the Axes Powers signed an agreement to form the United Nations.

In July 1944 the United Nations was formed in San Francisco and under a grant from Rockefellar was moved to New York City - IE, the UN building - who’s goal was to use Creative Destruction to bring about World War 3 and the coming of our Savior Lucifer.

28 July 1945 the US Senate Signed on to operate under the United Nations - which means they agreed to operate under a corporation that had not been established yet.

Illegal under corporate law and the Law of Nations

24 October 1945 the Corporation of the United Nations came into existence

((Corporate contracts are valid for a period of 70 years))

In 1984 the Corporate Charters of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam Etc were re-ratified.

On 10 March 2003 and the Corporation of the United States and the Federal Reserve System (((But not the Federal Reserve Banks))) came out of Bankruptcy and the circles came off of the money.

On 15 July 2014 the US came out of Redevelopment by the IMF, lost it’s veto power in IMF, and has been operating as a Corporation licensed and run by the English Crown - see the treaty of 1793 illegally signed by Benjamin Franklin.
29 July 2015 the charter between the UN and US dissolved with no further ratification.
What this means is that the entire weight of the Puerto Rican Financial Crisis falls on the backs of the American Tax Payers.

The US Senate does not plan to address the Puerto Rican Bankruptcy - in fact - it is not even on the calendar for the US Senate Finance Committee.

In a speech given by Senator Wyden 29 September 2015 he stated that the Puerto Rican Problem is a very deep one and requires the Corporation of Pueto Rico to address a whole lot of internal issues - such as:

1) Electrical Generation in Puerto Rico is done by using Old Diesel Generators and they need to upgrade this.

(((On a personal note - Puerto Rico has an enormous amount of cheap hydro electric power they could utilize))))

2) Industries Operating in Puerto Rico selling products to the United States need to pay for the reconstruction of roads and schools - especially the Rum Industry - which pays almost no taxes.

3) Puerto Rico collects less than half of it’s sales taxes

4) Medicaid in Puerto Rico caps payments and is not very generous - leaving people sick and in debt

5) It is important to move ahead with policies that provide more than a MONETARY SUGAR HIGH.

Until these issues are addressed by the “Provisional Government” of Puerto Rico the US senate will no longer bail out Puerto Rico.

So there you have it - Puerto Rico has already defaulted on it’s debt just like the California Educational System
US Territory Bond Rating System:

Standard and Poors rating services gives

1) Puerto Rico a CCC- rating - Default Imminent with little prospect of repayments- Junk Bonds ---- Even though it no longer pays on it’s bonds ---- they are in default

2) Philippines Credit Rating is BBB - Highly Speculative Junk Bonds

3) American Samoa Credit Rating is BB- - Non- investment Grade Junk Bonds

4) US Credit Rating Downgraded to AA+ but should be a BBB

Pray that our families are not harmed in any way due to this exposure of a Bankrupt Territory

Be Ready - Watch the Video

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