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Sunday, May 1, 2016

US Attempt To Destroy UPS

US Attempt To Destroy UPS


US Attempted Destruction Of UPS - YouTube

Under the theory of Creative Destruction - or what one might call “Bail Ins” the US Department of Labor is demanding that UPS support the failing Teamster’s Pension Fund @ AFL-CIO Pension Fund.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) is the largest Union  in the world and encompasses Canada, the US and Puerto Rico. It includes truck drivers, police, custodians, toll collectors, airline pilots, etc.

Teamsters Unions began uniting around 1899 when the Team Drivers International Union (TDIU) received a charter form the American Federation of Labor  and anyone who drove a team of horses could join.

In 1902 the Teamsters National Union (TNU) was formed in Chicago.

Ion 1903 the  TDIU merged with the IBT and became know as the Teamsters.

By 1915 the membership hit 60,000 and 15 years later hit 105,000. Wages increased, hours decreased.

By 1933 - in the depression, membership hit 75,000.

By 1940 as War Production increased Union membership hit 456,000 as the Teamsters continued to push truck stops nation wide and began to displace Railroads as the primary source in intra state commerce.

In 1955 - the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) merged.

In 1958 the IUE-CWA  Pension Fund Began

In the early 1980s - Under president Ronald Regan trucking was deregulated - which meant that as a trucker you did not have to belong to the AFL-CIO.

In 1997 the younger Jimmy Hoffa won elections with the AFL-CIO and began forming coalitions with environmentalist and the new Democratic “Nahzional Soshaleest”  (NAZI) “Progressives”

In 2005 the teamsters pulled out of the AFL-CIO, and along with them UPS due to corruption and their stealing from the pension funds - “Loans“ to their high ranking Officials, huge political contributions to the NAZI Progressives, etc..

However - the US Department of Labor (Foreign Owned Corporation) and the US Treasury Department (Foreign Owned Corporation) clearly stated that the Teamsters (And UPS) would have to support the AFL-CIO retirement System if it ever had to reduce benefits due to lack of funds.

So fast forward to 2016 where the AFL-CIO retirement program and Teamster’s Retirement Programs are failing ----- due to loans to it’s leaders and political contributions to the Democratic Progressives (NAZIs) ---- UPS must now pay a bill of almost $4 billion dollars as part of a BAIL IN - one company supporting another.

The Financial Obligations of these Central States Funds are so large that if the fund fails - as it is doing - it would swamp the Pension Benefit Government Corporation  (PBGC) - the Government Back Stop for Private Sector Pension Funds - and result in huge benefit cuts. The PBGC multi employer program is expected to be insolvent by 2024.

Now the US Senate Finance Committee has rejected a Bail Out of this huge program in violation f it’s original charter and has thus violated it’s original contract by changing the law under a New Pension Reform Act

Thus the Treasury Department and US Department of Labor are being forced to act by using those corporations that run a profit to bail out the thieves who illegally fund the NAZIs through illegal political contributions to these Progressive NAZIs.

This type of National Socialism (NAZI) ideology -- where inefficient companies are not allowed to fail --- usually until you run out of other people’s money and then the  system always collapses in upon itself and thus necessarily leads to War.

This is exactly what Hitler did to create the NAZI regime that the world came against in WW2

Here in America the US Corporation --- we are the  New NAZI’s

We are the ones leading the world into a CREATIVE DESTRUCTION

IE - World War 2, Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Stalin

IE - The current collapse of Iraq

In response UPS has now set up UPS Stores across the country as it plans to cut thousands of drivers and deliver packages to these UPS Stores for you to pick up

Keep in mind that the US Corporation is currently shipping in thousands of Muslim Terrorists into New Orleans using UPS Jets.

Thus the US Creative Destruction Policy may lead to thousands of drivers being laid off permanently.

This might actually work out very well for most UPS customers.

As Welfare gets cut due to budget constraints crime will sky rocket - and UPS deliveries to your homes during Business Hours will be in jeopardy.

This might work out well for most people. As they come home from work they could stop by their “UPS Store” and pick up their deliveries in a secure manner - safe from street thugs, and US Corporate Sponsored Riots such as Grocery Store Strikes, Race Riots, NAZI riots against Non-NAZI politicians like Trump, etc.

So as the US Unleashes it’s “Creative Destruction” Policies against UPS they might actually increase their business.

Pray that all attempts to destroy UPS and lay off their drivers fail and that anyone who tries this is flattened for life immediately.

There is now a curse from the Living GOD against any and all people and beings acting to destroy America both spiritually and physically. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

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