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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Intel Brief - Congress Is In Deep Sh..


Video:::Another Intel Brief - Congress Is In Big Sh.. - YouTube

First - It’s Mothers Day - we are going out AND I am buying her a $150 Food Bucket from Food for Liberty

 Second: Presidential Transition Act
1st - Passed when Garfield Was Shot
2nd - Passed when Roosevelt Died in Office
3rd - Passed after Kennedy Was Shot
4th - Amended after Reagan Was shot
5th - Re-issued after Obama #2 was killed on 17 December 2015 in the White House

Finally - Apparently Pres Obama you watch our videos and watching politics today IS like watching a Pre-Scripted Reality Show

Obama #4 you are pretty good at your role - but you have 2 warts not one - a dead give away

Now - Back To The Main Story

Congress is in big trouble for violating the original charters that formed this Free and Independant Nation

1606 Virginia Charter - Establishing the Nation

1609 Virginia Charter- Stating Sea To Sea dominance of England

1612 Virginia Charter- Includes Islands to the East
1620 Mayflower Compact - Giving America to the King of England, not the Queen

The Charter of 1620

Ordinance of Constitution of Virginia of 1621 and many others

The Treaty of 1783 between the US and England (United Kingdom) Illegally Signed by Benjamin Franklin (since he was not an Ambassador Plenipotentiary)  and had no right to sign the Treaty of 1793 is thus an illegal treaty and no renumeration needs to paid to any foreign nation or Corporation from this day forward
Fast forward to the US Constitution of 1789 after the Revolution - recognizing all former laws and charters - unfortunately it recognized the Illegal Treaty of 1783 - which continues to this very day

After the War of Rebellion in 1865 Congress removed the Charter’s Provisions that only Freemen can vote and thus illegally proceeded with the destruction of America
Organic Constitution of 1871 - which originally was valid but illegally extended from Coast to Coast by President Grant  and his successors - thus Killing and replacing descenting Governors and illegally replacing by force said states with Corporations

In 1913 the Printing of “Currency” (Federal Reserve Dollar) for the US Corporation was moved to a European Bank owned by the Rothchilds

In 1939 the Trading with the Enemies Act made American’s enemies of the United States Corporation, thus illegally forcing us to be licensed to operate a business in our own nation

In 1972 the Federal Reserve System and US Treasury - a Private corporation owned by the Rothchilds - in violation of the Bretton Woods Agreement and subsequent treaties went off the Gold Standards
Pray with me that those in the White House and in Congress and in the Supreme Court are held accountable by the Living GOD

So - According to the Intel Folks I am supposed to make a Proclamation and things will happen to fix this Republic

Kind of a another Strange Intelligence Brief

“I ask you now  GOD” with the Titles of this world that you have given me that you  immediately and fully hold those in the US Corporation  accountable for the Charters and laws they have broken and return our Republic Immediately and place it back in the hands  of Godly Men.

We ask this in you name and in your son’s name Yeshua

So according to the Intelligence Community all these titles GOD gave this proclamations will make  Huge difference

We will see what GOD does

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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