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Monday, May 30, 2016

Possible Futures For America


Video: What's Coming To America - YouTube

1) No Change

Everything remains Kumbayish - the economy keeps moving forward, America keeps killing and bombing people, etc. The Dollar remains the world currency as people across the planet read the bible and turn to Yehsua.

This means that the revalue of the Dinar occurs as  Aliens Boogie Men come down to help us do whatever it is they do -

We have been told this would happen for the last 10 years - and nothing.

Empty promises so - not a likely scenario.

On the other hand - the Queen of England has discussed stepping down and cooperating with the White Dragons and Banjamin Fulford just stated that Nathan Rothchilds just called to negotiate. Neither of them can be trusted. They must be contained or killed.

We shall see what this means in 40 hours - then a point will be reached that cannot be reversed.

2) Nibiru and Meteors

Nibiru sweeps by the Earth causing huge meteor showers, the flipping of the Earth and we all die

This Nibiru  idea has been circulating since 1985 and as NASA gets new computer graphics they scare you over and over again

The Poles are shifting though and as the sun changes the Earth Changes increase and thus we may see a polar shift combined with huge earth changes. Bad time to live along the coasts.

3) Nuclear War - Either limited or full scale

This means nukes fly and the leaders of the world all die - since all of their capitol cities and underground cities have self destruct Nukes under them.

The Mormons and US Intel believe that Russia and China will nuke America and invade what is left. This may indeed happen since Obama is a complete sell out. In this scenario  all of the US Congress and their families is wiped out - killed to the last Man and Woman, Child and Grand Child

4) Homeland Security  shuts down the grid

We know where their leaders live - not likely

One thing to consider - when the Surface Population is dead what do those living underground need with the FBI, DHS, CIA, etc - they will all be killed as well and many of these Scum do not have souls - they disappear forever.

5) Venezuelan Scenario

This is the most likely scenario is  Obama’s  Handlers purposeful and complete destruction of the world’s economy seems to be moving forward at a rapid pace.

In this scenario we will see Homeland Security and CIA increase the Terrorism across the nation and may even bring in a few Nukes and Dirty Nukes to increase their control and destruction of America

There will be more Earthquakes and perhaps AMEC Corporation will detonate the Nuke under Yellow Stone National Park the Governor has not removed. If they need help I will assist.

All of these CIA/DHS problems will be blamed on wither Weather or they will blame it on the Muslims.

This is really the NAZI Scenario - completely destroy the Infrastructure of North America and then rebuild it in the name of FASCISM - Satanism.

Either way 3 things need to be terminated in the Federal Budget - Welfare (Including Food Stamps) and Mental Disability and Medicare/Medicaid. This alone will cause huge amounts of Mayhem.

This is why we talk about getting ready - be ready.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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