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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Huge Object Found Moving Across Ocean Floor


Video: Huge Objsct Found Moving Across Ocean Floor - YouTube

What we are being allowed to see now  will lead us to the understanding that there may be  much more to this planet than meets the eye

We have recently been allowed to see several things:

1) Admiral Bird’s Expedition to wipe out NAZI bases in Antarctica

2) Bases on Mars

3) Bases on the Moon

4) CIA UFO Files

5) Exploding Meteors - Space Ships - see last Sorcha article on

6) Under Water Anomalies

Perhaps there is something much bigger than we are that are here to help - stabilize the planet???

Yesterday there were two attempted assassinations - one on Trump and one on Obama as he went to the G-7 Summit in Japan and plans a First Nuclear Strike against China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea

According to the latest zUN Broadcast high levels or Radiation stops time and as the Great Avatar (Personality of Lucifer) who runs the United Nations dictates after this occurs there can be a great rebuilding of Planet Earth

Yesterday the  SS stopped the one on Trump by Hillary and the Russians stepped in to stop the one on Obama #4 in Japan by warning those Japanese et to shoot him - both were set to start a Nuclear War

Just perhaps these strange and powerful entities do not wish this WW3??
Just perhaps these entities are now helping since we have hit Critical Mass???

Time will tell…………….

Pray that the Rothchild’s Mafia falls apart …… Today

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Dr William B. Mount